Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Interview with one of our reviewers Carin

Everyone please give a welcome to one of our own reviewers Carin. 
I sent out a small interview with a few of my question and a few of our Facebook users questions, to each reviewer, in hopes this will help you get to know each reviewer better.
Carin has been with us for a few weeks now, so please by all means pick her brain if you have any questions or just leave a comment saying hello. 

First off please tell the readers a bit about yourself, please. I am 29 again, have 3 kids, been married 18 years and I read like crazy.

Besides reading what do you like to do in your spare time? I crochet, quilt and bead, I also cross stitch, love word puzzles and am an all-around geek.

What the hardest thing to do when it comes to reviewing a book? Not sharing any spoiler info with you. I want to tell you all about this wonderful book and I can’t tell you any of the plot.

What is the biggest thing you look for when you review a book? The story needs to draw me in, if it is too cluttered or isn’t detailed enough and I can’t “get into” a book then it is really hard for me to review it. I want the characters developed and the back story told. 

What are some of your favorite authors? I love the classics so Emily Bronte and Agatha Christy always make the list, More recent authors include Charlaine Harris, Felicity Heaton, Michelle M Pillow, Jennifer Rardin, Laurann Dohner, J R Ward to name a few

Questions from Bitten’s Facebook users

Venus Batista- I would ask with so many titles available to them, what is the determining factor in choosing which to read next? :) Always my problem I use a couple of determining factors, I may like the subject matter that day, IE: today I feel like reading about shifters or vampires or whatever, another way may be the cover and/or title may have just caught my eye, I may have heard about a book from someone else and thought I need to read and review that and lastly is the point and pick method (very scientific)

Debra Smith- What things separate your favorite authors from the ones that are just "okay"? For an author to fall into the favorite camp I want to be able to connect with the characters, I want to understand the story and the back story without having to dig to find the information, I want the story to flow not be thrown out it chunks mixed with pages of meaningless details.

Dominique Eastwick -When you review what constituted a 5, 4, 3, etc. in your eyes. For me a 5 has to be something I am going to pass up reading something new to pick up and read again. A 4 means I really liked this book but I will probably not re-read it. A 3 means it was okay, there are parts I liked and parts I didn’t

J.v. Altharas- What's your length preference? (giggity) How short is too short, how long is too long? I like my books to be in the 200-250 page range to me that allows for the story to develop and gives the author enough time to tell you what you need to know without having every detail of every little thing spelled out.


  1. Hey Carin, just too funny "29 again", yet married 18 years. Come on Chick, give it up. I'm probably the "wisest" of the Wolf Pack! *wink* Glad to have you on board.

  2. Artemis, lets just say I have passed the dreaded 40 but only in the last couple years :O)


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