Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review Finding Gaia by Kimberly Chapman

Title: Finding Gaia
Author: Kimberly Chapman
Source: Author Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Reviewed by: Emi

Wealthy, handsome Jason Truitt appears to have it all: he runs an international conglomerate of environmental businesses and research facilities, he lives in a luxurious mansion…
and he can’t die.
But his uncanny health and failure to age keep him distanced from normal human life. For over a century he’s been searching for the one other person on earth he suspects is afflicted with the same condition. Like him, she has lived under many different names to keep her immortality secret, so in honour of her supernatural ability to induce plant growth by thought alone, he thinks of her as Gaia.

Finding Gaia, however, is only the beginning, for where he has used his talents toward prosperity, hers have brought loss, isolation, abduction, and unspeakable torture. She will need all that he can give to reclaim her own inner strength and rediscover who, what, and when she is.

Overall Rating ~

Sexual Rating ~

 Finding Gaia is a cool paranormal romance about a man Jason Truitt who searches for a woman Anna Yale, who is immortal just like him. After a century of searching he finally finds her and under horrible circumstances. Though it seems that trouble never ceases to find them, they find their way together and get their happy ending! This is a stand alone novel but I hope there is a second novel in the future.

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