Monday, August 13, 2012

Review Ravaged Anthology

Title: Ravaged : Vol 1 
Source: Request
Genre: Paranormal Erotica (Shifters)
Length: approx 260 pgs
Published by Breathless Press

Join ten authors as they reveal that things are not always as they seem. 
Don't worry, they guarantee the sexy shifters in their stories will bite...
And that you'll like it. 
From lions to bears, dolphins to gargoyles; we're sure you'll find a juicy story to sink your teeth into.

Tamed by K.R.R. Bridgstreet
A lion at this circus has a deadly secret that only his mistress knows.

On A Full Moon by Silvia Violet
Getting lost in the woods alone is never good, until the sexy wolf next door discovers you.

Pleasure Bound by SJ Thomas
He fights daily torture to protect those he loves, but can he keep from betraying his family to his destined mate?

Sheep Shifter by Erin O'Riordan
Welcome back to Wonderland where the sheep are not quite what one thinks.

The Arcadian Cure by Annabeth Leong
There is only one way to save the one you love from being a werewolf forever; the Arcadian Cure.

Her Pride, My Joy by D. F. Krieger
The zoo can hold exciting and sexy surprises for those that stay after dark.

Heart of Stone by Persephone Jones
A sexy playboy exposes his true self to protect the one person who could reveal him to the world.

Barely There by Leona J. Bushman
Danger brings together two unlikely more ways than one.

Internal Savagery by Mickey J. Corrigan
Sometimes we have to embrace the animal inside to keep the one we love.

Encantado by Heather Whittington
When deaths begin happening at parties, we find the sea can hold many secrets.

It's always hard to rate an anthology because the writing style is different for each story. Throw in a person's erotic tastes and rating gets REALLY difficult.  In all I found Ravaged to be highly enjoyable.  Hot, steamy and graphic with just enough story to make it more than gratuitous sex.

From a short about stumbling upon a sexy were in the woods to a geeky guy getting lucky with a hot dolphin shifter; Ravaged covers just about every spectrum of fantasy pertaining to shifters you could think up.

My favorite story was Sheep Shifter by Erin O'Riordan where Alice makes a delightfully naughty return 'beyond the looking glass'.  I never imagined the Cheshire Cat could be so sexy ;)

The wonderful thing about anthologies is that if one story turns out not to be your 'cup a' tea you have nine more to choose from! I highly suggest checking this one out when you're in the mood for something on the wild side.

*This ones classified as Erotic for a reason folks. If you're not into sex in just about every position and variation it's probably not for you.

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