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Review Sire's Call by A.L. Jones

Title: Sire's Call (The Crescent City Series, #1) 
Author: A.L. Jones
Source: Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance leaning toward Urban Fiction
Length: Novella (53pgs)
Published by Breathless Press

Dane knows her relationship with Rias is over. 
Rias makes it clear that he disagrees, especially when a rogue vampire threatens Dane's life.

Dane is a newly turned vampire living in the city of New Orleans. As a rogue vampire hunter, she takes down vampires who are endangering their community by killing human prey. But her job can’t keep her mind off Rias, her sire, and her ex. Although a part of her still loves him, she knows they’re better off apart.

As the head of the New Orleans Legion, Rias knows it’s only a matter of time before his fledgling Dane comes back to him, and he’s happy to wait for her to figure that out. But when a rogue vampire arrives in town and threatens Dane’s life, Rias suddenly realizes just how much time he’s already wasted.

I had high hopes for this one.   Denied love, vampires, a sexy sire; what isn't there to love? 
Unfortunately, there were just too many flaws in this story to keep me excited.  I am the LAST reviewer on earth that you will find judging someone's grammatical/literary skills.  In fact, I CRINGE when I see people bashing a book because of a few misspellings or punctuation problems.  I try to review based solely on enjoyability of story. BUT Sire's Call really stretched my limits.  It felt like every other sentence started with, "Dane did this" "Dane did that"  It just didn't flow right to me.  The heroine's name (Dane, if you haven't guessed at this point. LOL) appears 322 times in the short 53 pages!  Another problem I had was with the lack of depth to the characters.  Rias has almost no personality.  Little is revealed about him other than he is great in the sack, and has commitment problems.  Geez, I'm sounding really mean right now, but it's just so frustrating to try to fall for the hero when you don't know much about him.  And don't even get me started on the villain.  The guy is running around New Orleans killing folks and taunting the local vampire authority with a trail of bodies but no reason is ever given!  No diabolical villain speeches here.  I guess to summarize it just felt like I was reading the outline to what could have been a great story.  
Heroine, Hero, and friends are introduced.
Bad guy shows up causing drama.
Heroine, Hero, and friends try to stop bad guy but attempts are thwarted.
Hero and Heroine have falling out.
Heroine makes stupid decision.
Everything works out. 
Happily ever after. 

I really think the author had a great idea here. If the story was expanded upon and the characters given more personality Sire's Call could be very enjoyable.  

If you're looking for a very quick Urban Fantasy fix with big dollop of spice (there are a few pretty steamy sex scenes) check out Sire's Call .  
I would like to hear the opinion of others :)



Dane swallowed hard as she allowed herself to be dragged forward. She knew it was easier to go along with Rias than to try to get away from him now. It would only end in a fight that he would win. Her best bet was to fend him off with sarcasm and disinterest. The only problem with that plan was that he knew she was interested, and he took her rejection as a challenge rather than a dismissal. The way her heart raced didn't help matters either. It's not fair, Dane thought as she cursed the treacherous organ. She was dead. Her heart shouldn't be able to pound in her chest.

''What?'' she snapped, channeling all of her frustration into the word. Rias grinned at her ill-tempered tone, directing them into his office and closing the door.

''We need to talk,'' he said smoothly. Dane held her ground, standing stiffly in front of the wall.

''About what?'' She feigned ignorance. Rias shook his head, his grin growing wider.

''It's no use trying to hide it,'' he said in a purr, stalking toward her. ''I can feel the way your body reacts to me.'' He ran a finger down her cheek, and Dane cursed as her pulse skyrocketed. Rias chuckled.

''We've been over this,'' Dane snapped, allowing her anger to override the desire building in her stomach. ''It's over.''

''It's not over,'' Rias disagreed, ''until I know that you don't want me.'' Dane opened her mouth to reply and he was there, his body pressing hers against the wall, his tongue delving past her lips to claim what he'd never given up. She tried to push him off but he only shifted more of his weight onto her, his hip bone pressing rhythmically against her core. The more she wiggled the more the sensation spread, and Dane could feel her nipples growing hard, eager against the thin material of her shirt.

''See?'' Rias taunted as he placed gentle kisses across her cheek, his tongue darting out to lick the sensitive pulse beneath her jaw. Dane moaned and tilted her head back to kiss him again, giving in to the feel and strength of his body. Four years, and she still hadn't been able to forget him or push the memories of the two of them away. She knew she was making a mistake, but right now she didn't want to stop. It felt too good to be kissing him again. 

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