Saturday, August 4, 2012

Review: Soul Whisperer by Jenna Kernan

Title: Soul Whisperer
Author: Jenna Kernan
Source: Self Purchased
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Release Date : November 15, 2011 
Reviewer: Jasmyn

Her father's death has long haunted shape-shifter Bess Suncatcher, leading her deep into the Northern California forests in search of healing…and peace. But that peace is threatened when she discovers a dead human body—and is detained by a dangerously sexy stranger.

As a Soul Whisperer, Cesar Garza is fated to use his gifts to track demonic predators. But he can't crack this case alone. He needs the talents of the mysterious woman who peaks his suspicion…and his desire. Cesar is determined to fight his attraction to Bess and focus on the investigation. For theirs is a potentially deadly—and forbidden—alliance.

Bess and Cesar were born to be enemies.  Half-blood descendants of two ancient and powerful spirits, their two races have been at odds since a war left both sides filled with hatred and distrust.  When they both find themselves at the scene of a grisly death in the forest and the possible discovery of a new race, they find themselves stragely drawn to each other.  Agreeing to work together to find more information on the strange death, they struggle to keep the sexual tension building between them from coming out.

The story was captivating.  The perfect mix of suspence, paranormal, and romance.  As Bess and Cesar discover more about each other's past, as well as their present, the feeling between them don't go away as they hoped - but only grow stronger.  Their romance is far from perfect.  They both have secrets in the past, and the fued between their two races stands in their way on every step they take and on every page of the book.

The Lakota legends and spirits that are a part of the story were great to read about.  I never knew how rich the stories were until now.  The ancient spirits are introduced in a way that made them familiar and easy to relate to as well.  Their personalities were quite entertaining in their own way. 

The ending summed up so many things very nicely, but left enough open for potentially a sequel (although I haven't seen anything about one being released, but I hope they do).  If not, I have just enough to imagine what they might do next.

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