Friday, August 17, 2012

The list for attending Indie Romance authors is now complete

Here is the latest Indie Romance Convention happenings. The register opens on October 1, 2012.

Now, let me give you an update. I have the completed list of attending authors for the Indie Romance Convention in October 4-5th, 2013. I am excited about the list they are all wonderful and I can't wait to meat them in person! 

20 Attending authors

Gabrielle Bisset 
Claudy Conn
Danielle Blanchard 
Lori Birghton
Eve Langlais 
Kallypso Masters
Candice Stauffer
Kim Killion
Jennifer Jakes
Caris Roane 
Amanda J. Greene
Teresa Gablman
Hayden Braebrun 
Toni Aleo
Annabel Joseph
Leia Shaw 
Leigh Savage 
Deborah Court
Donna McDonald 
Lily Graison 

If you'd like to get to know more about these authors please follow one of the attending bloggers below because from October 2012- October 2013 these bloggers will be featuring these authors ether by guest post, interviews and reviews.

Redheads Reviews it Better

Also BTS magazine will be having some featured articles about the up coming convention in their magazine and they will be attending the convention, so please check out there magazine.


  1. There is an Indie Romance Convention? I was unaware of this. How awesome! Is this new?

  2. Mary- Yes, it will be held next October 4&5th 2013. And yes, this is new, I'm still in the process to make this happen for all of us.


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