Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ARC Review Warrior's Last Gift by Melissa Mayhue

Title: Warrior's Last Gift (Warrior, #1.5)
Source: Edelweiss
Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance
Length: Ebook Novella (100pgs)
Release Date: October 2, 2012

When Jeanne MacGhie had nowhere to turn, Eymer Horvesson stepped in with an offer of marriage. He asked for only one favor in return…and now that he’s dead, Jeanne will stop at nothing to keep her promise to the young warrior—even though it means turning to the one man she swore she’d never speak to again.

Eric MacNicol never expected a cavalier refusal to wed would result in his losing the one thing he truly wanted in life. When a warrior’s final request forces him on a cross-country quest with the widow, he must battle his inner demons to make the right decision this time. Only one last gift from a fallen warrior can offer them both a second chance at true love…. 

I fell in love with Melissa Mayhue about two years ago when I was on what I like to refer to as 'the great Fae search'.  Coming off Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series I was in a frenzy looking for more Fae, more Scottish hunks, and more time travel. Mayhue's Daughter's of the Glen series had everything I was looking for a more. Her writing style can be described as nothing less than magical, so when I saw an opportunity to check out her e-book exclusive Warrior's Last Gift I *squeed* with joy.

Warrior's Last Gift was a bit different than previous entries in the series. The plot is driven by Norse mythology rather than the Fae, but it still held that 'magic' spark. It's a story filled with pride, regrets, grief, and ultimately a well deserved second chance of love. It was just the thing to stir my appetite for the next full length installment of the Daughter's of Glenn spinoff series; Warrior Reborn

*Be sure to check out Melissa's bookshelf to learn more about her Daughter's of the Glenn and Warrior series! 



    Thank-you sounds Great

  2. I hope you enjoy it. I love her books, and while I know you should never 'judge a book by it's cover' hers are always GORGEOUS. LOL. I don't have many paper backs anymore, but I kept her Daughter's of Glen series in print b/c they are just so pretty :)


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