Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blogger's Help Paws with a Cause sign up

Attention to all Bloggers!

Danielle at Romance Book Junkies and I have come up with a event we need your help with. We want to get as many bloggers together as possible to host a pet charity campaign called "Bloggers Help Paws with a Cause".

Above you see just a few of my fur babies. As an animal lover and reader I always wanted to know what kind of pets are behind  authors doors. So, I hosted a pet week event last year and had a great time with the authors pets post and the readers did too. This year I wanted to join with a fellow blogger and make "Pet week" bigger in hopes to help a great cause. I went to Danielle, she took over and found a great cause that I think everyone would like to help out with.  Paws with a Cause  has been very helpful in giving Danielle what we need to get stated and I hope to give them back even more. 

This is a week long event from March 1- 8th 2013 featuring guest posts from author and bloggers about their pets. I know this sound far away but it gives you time to gather what you need for a week of guest post for the whole pet week. The guest posts may or may not have a separate giveaway. 

How to work your week long event will be up to you, but we would like for all bloggers to post their pets guest post on March 1st 2013
The rest of the week you can find your favorite author and or fellow blogger to feature their pets.The author or blogger can host giveaways that week to spice things up in hopes to get more donations. Also make sure you have the charity link we will provide to let the followers donate. You will also need to add the button above to each of your guest post during that week.

If you would like additional help on how to go about pet week, please click here. This is just  a post with some suggestions on how my pet week was run last year. 

 The main giveaway will be a or gift card. The face amount will be determined by the number of bloggers participating in the blog hop and to do so, we need each participating blogger to send Laurie a $1 via Paypal at (must be sent as a gift so no fees are taken out). Let me tell you that dollar amount is adding up fast because a lot of blogger are donating more then a dollar because they know this is a worthy cause.

Sign ups will stay open until January 31st and you will have until then to give your $1 to Laurie for the gift certificate giveaway this is not for the charity.

On March 8, everyone who donates to Paws with a Cause via the EverRibbon website will earn one entry per $1 donated to win the or gift card  or one of two other prizes to be determined. 

If this sounds like something you would like to do please please sign up its for a super, great cause. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at us either at  or or leave a comment below. 

Thank you for your time and I hope you join this worthy cause. 


  1. Hi Laurie, I sent our donation it's paypal email is "sooeypig", Hubby is a Razorback fan, LOL!

  2. This sounds like a great cause! I know how much I love my furry children! Thanks for doing this. :)

  3. What an amazing idea and cause, as the proud mommy of 4 furrbabies and a woman who loves to read, I am thrilled to see that so many other readers are just like me and willing to do this!!!! I shared this with several bloggers I know hopefully we can get so many more people to sign up <3

  4. Thanks for fixing the glitch and adding me on!!
    :-) Looking forward to the event!!

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  6. Welcome Carla

    Thanks everyone for signing up.

  7. I love this idea! I love any chance I have to talk about my Simi especially since she has a semi-rare autoimmune disease and I like to spread awareness. Definitely signing up!

  8. Great idea! I signed up and sent payment. When you finalize the linky, can you please put it to the front page of my blog -- instead of the back page. Signed up a week's worth of author spots! Grazie.


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