Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book Review: Demon of Synar by Donna McDonald

Title : Demon of Synar
Author : Donna McDonald
Punblished: February 27, 2012
Source: Kindle free ebook
Length : Novel
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Reviewer : Jasmyn

Book One of the FORCED TO SERVE Series

Being captain of his own rescue ship is the kind of life Captain Liam Synar always dreamed of living. Being a master of his family’s hereditary demon was never in his plans because his brother had been trained for the purpose. Yet what choice did his father have when Conor's evil came to light? None. So reluctant or not, Liam is the only Synar left to rule Malachi. Now his exiled brother hunts him to capture the demon while Liam stays on the run and saves Peace Alliance ambassadors in his spare time--except for one. Ambassador Ania Looren unknowingly hosts his family’s demon inside her body. He sent Malachi into her to save her life after Conor’s men almost killed her. And though Liam hadn't wanted to, there had been no choice but to abandon her two years ago. His plan of keeping both her and the demon safe from Conor has mostly worked, but his ability to hide the truth has finally reached an end. His next rescue has to be his estranged mate before Conor finally figures it out.

After accepting only one mate in her extremely long life, Ambassador Ania Looren is now wishing the number had remained at zero forever. Mating Captain Liam Synar is turning out to be the worst mistake she has made in nine hundred years. Something happened after Liam abandoned her, something more than just the pain of losing her chosen male from her life. Something about his absence has stripped away the peaceful enlightenment she struggled years to achieve. Now Ania can’t meditate or pray, and her compassion for other creatures seems to be lessening. She is becoming again the kind of person she’s spent her most of her existence trying not to be. On top of that, she’s been accused of murdering three males who attacked her and her family. She doesn’t even remember what happened that day. Now Liam is back and demanding she go with him to his ship. What choice does she have? It's a better fate than being arrested and put through social reconditioning on her planet. The half life she’s been living for two years is no more worth keeping than her mating commitment to a male who obviously hadn’t wanted her after all.

Captain Liam Synar made a very tough decision when he saved the life of his new mate, Ania Looren, by forcing her to become a demon host - perhaps it was the wrong decision.  His way of dealing with it is to not tell her and then disappear for two years (not the most noble of deeds).  While he is gone, Ania realizes that something is wrong but can't quite figure out what it is.  When Liam's evil brother attacks her family trying to get the demon that she hosts under his control - Liam is forced to return and face the consequences of his actions.

I almost put this down about half way through.  It just wasn't moving along very well for me.  Then Ania and Liam found themselves forced to be together on his ship and things started to become very interesting again.  While sparks didn't necessarily go flying, a nice slow burn began between the two again.  However...the ending....OH MY GOD what a cliffhanger.  I will have to go get the next one very very soon so that I can find out if Liam and Ania can work through their differences and let their passions out again.

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