Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bound By Lust, Romantic Stories of Submission and Sensuality, Edited by Shanna Germain

Title: Bound By Lust
Author: Compilation of Stories, Edited by Shanna Germain 
Source: Review Request 
Genre: Erotica, Light BDSM
Length: 207 pages
Reviewed by: Emi

Imagine finding a partner who is just as naughty, kinky and dark as you are, a lover who wanders the hardware store with you in search of new �toys,’ a man who can wrangle both you and the dishes into submission, a woman who accompanies you to office parties and play parties. Think that heady combination of: sweet and sexy, dirty and romantic, love and leather. Bound By Lust is a romantic, couples-focused erotica with a BDSM slant. The couples range from newly blossoming relationships, lont-time loves and reunited flames. BDSM aspect of this is both naughty and nice — bondage, spanking, domination, submission, power-play, pain and pleasure, or whatever your dirty mind can think of. Bring on the rope and rough stuff, the dens and dungeons, the corsets and clamps and cuffs. Romance can be a little rough and still have VERY happy endings!

Overall Rating:

Sexual Rating:

This book is a compilation of erotic stories, I personally prefer novels, but this book was just as good. Made me feel a little like a voyeur, reading someone's personal erotic experiences. Naughty, but in a good way. I have to admit there were a couple of stories that were a bit too much for me, humiliation and things of that nature, but overall all it was exciting to read. Definitely makes you wonder what your limits are, lol.  

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  1. Oooo hadn't seen this one before. I love when books push you just a little past your limits. I've read a couple that have gone way past mine (the humiliation ones just aren't for me either) but still interesting to read about the lifestyle.



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