Friday, September 28, 2012

CharacterFest is almost here!

Characterfest is just a few more days away. Check out the new list, I had to make some last min changes this week so it's not the same line up as I had over the last 6 months. 

Make sure your here for a month of fun character interview and giveaways!!!

1st Annie Nicholas
2nd Dominique Eastwick
3rd Sam Cheever
4th Tina Carreiro
5th RM Sotera
 6th Gabrielle Bisset
7th Joesee Renard
8th Cinsearae Satiago
9th Teresa Gabelman
10th Jillian Stone
11th Pauline Holyoak
12th Charlene Wilson
13th Leigh Savage
14th Victoria Danann
15th Lynn Rush
16th Carrie Ann Ryan
17th Jordan K Ross
18th Tara Fox Hall
19th Natalie Nicole
20th Kate Richards
21th Caris Roane
22th Suzanne Rock
23th Sara Daniel
24th Felictiy Heaton
25th Jae Lynee Davis
26th Gabrielle Bisset
27th Rosalie Lario
28th Claire Ashgorve
29th Robin Pierce
30th Diane Duvall
31th Aimee Laine

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