Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Feedburner update

UPDATE. Thanks to Miki Suggestion for I signed up and I think I have it up and running. This is for you to get post by email.  If you look at the top left sidebar, you'll see a place to add an email. Just add your email and you will get the post, it worked for me today and others. So, this one seems to work better. 


Since my attempted of using the free Feedcat failed, I have looked into some more Feedburners. The sad fact is there isn't much for free so with only 60 Freedburners users I can't see myself paying 5.00 to 10.00 a month, plus with most of these feedburner host, if I gain subscribers then it could run into 30.00 or more a month.Until I can find something similar to Google Feedbruner than I will not be having one. I'm sorry but all of this monthly pay here and there is getting too much for this blogger.

To those of you 60 people who uses Google Feedburner you will have it for a few more weeks before they shut it down.

I am considering using mailchimp for my events next year, that way it will be easier for you to keep up with them, but again I have to be careful because if I go over the limit it too will cost around 5.00 a month, if not more it just depends on how many signs up. 

The free blogging world is changing fast, it's becoming a dollar digger by the month. This is the biggest reason you see a lot of blogger closing up because they didn't see this coming before they open a blog.


  1. did you try blogttr?

    it's free and it seem easy

  2. Miki- I just signed up but I don't see a way to add this to the blog so followers can sign up to get a feed.

  3. Miki I think I have it going. Thanks for the help!!

  4. I signed-up, we'll see if it works! *fingers crossed*

  5. Do you have to manually post through them? I am trying to figure out the easiest way to use free email subscription. I am trying to figure this one out to see if it works.

  6. Laurie, sweetie, Blogtrottr is for email subscription only. Feedburner is not going away, so your RSS followers will still get the feed. What goes away is their email subscription and statistics. That's it. Your RSS is safe. Just subscribe to yourself on Google Reader and you'll see that everything works. You can check Blogtrottr similarly. Just subscribe to yourself and you'll get an email every time there is a post on our blog. Hope that helps to clarify things.

  7. Hi Laurie,

    i subscribed but i just sent you an email about a detail ( don't be angry^^;;;) i hope it help

    all the best

  8. I just signed my blog up with feedcat you mind sharing what didn't work for you? i'm using mailchimp on another blog i write and i'm trying to compare the're right, this whole nickel and dime me to death thing is zero fun!

  9. Miki- Mad heck I'm ecstatic that you did.. I am to old for all of this change crap, so any help is great to me because it saves me hours trying to figure it out!! LOL...

    Kara- Glad to hear they are not closing. This week other bloggers and I notice a change in our stats the dropped big time, so a few bloggers noticed post that said google were closing the rrs feeds. I saw them too. So we are trying to find something different.

  10. Scandal- one thing is you can really see where to add your email. The other issue is I can even see it now since it wont show up. You can see if it does for you because it's still on the bottom of my right sidebar. Also I have a face group for book bloggers only so we can each share information and help and I wasn't the only one having problems with it other bloggers were too. I have as of yet to get one follower to sing up for it, I'd say it because the cant see it.

  11. Amber I'll send you an email and post it to the facebook group so you know how to use it.


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