Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guest post from the CEO of BTS magazine Myra Nour

Please welcome Myra Nour CEO of BTS magazine. Myra is also an author so please check out her website below. 

Why did you start publishing BTSeMag?

     My daughter, Christy, said to me one day, “we should publish an eMagazine.” Simon and I both were against it because Chris was attending college. When would she have time for this? But she really wanted to do it, so we started helping her look for authors to include in the eMag

     I did like her idea of highlighting authors who are with the BTS website and those who had taken a Virtual Tour with us. No one else (that we could find) had produced an eMag with those ideas in mind. The first BTSeMag produced in April was a learning experience. For example, the author we chose for the cover did not have any large size covers, so Chris had to be really creative with the eMag cover. She came up with the idea of making it into 4 covers that look like posters plastered on a brick wall.

     We realized that with the next eMag, we needed an author who could give us a large cover so Chris could design something really cool. Chris continued to grow in her graphic experience and created a more visually appealing cover for the July issue. I love the chocolate dripping down over Mary Manners bakery themed cover.

     By the time Chris designed the September cover, she had stepped up her game again. She knew that Caridad Pineiro’s characters could control the elements, so there is lightning striking water as the background to Caridid’s book.

     Inside the magazine, our main idea was to highlight authors with their cover, blurb, bio, photo, and 400 word excerpt. We choose authors that readers would enjoy, as well as those who have bought ads and taken Virtual Tours with BTS. We started with a few columns, and have expanded to 7 regular columns that will be in the November issue.

     Our columns are to entertain and inform; from Nicole Morgan’s Sex and the Single Woman to Sandra Bunino’s Romance Chic Trends. There are columns for readers and authors. Also, there will be articles such as Linnea Sinclair’s SCARED OF SF? THREE REASONS TO NOT BE in the November issue. Then we started highlighting blogger sites, because they truly help promote author’s work.

     Tour banners are included so readers know where to look for their favorite authors, and we also post a review from each author’s tour. We accept author, publisher and blogger ads; full page, ½ page, and ¼ page. See rates under the menu BTSeMag 
Advertse on our website.

     The results: Two months after the first issue came out in April, we had over 12,000 views on Issuu. We were excited!! Imagine our surprise and delight when the July issue had 62,000 views by 2 months end. Now, the September issue is set to trump that with almost 25,000 views as of 17 days after being released.

     The BTSeMag success with readers and authors has been a wonderful reward for all the hard work. I give the majority of credit to Christy for her beautiful design work. Can you tell I’m a proud mom? Yep, especially since Chris never took a class, but taught herself graphic design.

     Don’t miss our November issue which features Richelle Mead and other great authors. Starting November we will publish the eMag every month and will be expanding the length.

     Our motto at Book & Trailer Showcase is: “BTS is dedicated to promoting authors work.” We carry this throughout the eMagazine as well.

Myra Nour


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