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Interview with one of our reviewers CaroleDee

Everyone please give a welcome to one of our own reviewers Caroldee. 

I sent out a small interview with a few of my question and a few of our Facebook users questions, to each reviewer, in hopes this will help you get to know each reviewer better.

CaroleDee has been with us for sometime now, so I'm sure a lot of you have already gotten to know her quite well. What I know is she so much fun to chat with and she has become one of my biggest helpers on the blog. 

First off please tell the readers a bit about yourself, please. 
I’m a 28 year old mother of an extremely shy 6 year old. (Don’t ask me where he gets if from. I’m the weirdo that will talk the ear off a stranger in the grocery line) I’ve been married to my best friend for almost nine years. My father was in the Marine Corps and my husband is in the Air Force so I’ve been a military brat/spouse my entire life. I’ve lived in Japan, Germany, England, and 4 different states.  Needless to say I move a lot, and I love it! I dread the day when my husband retires because I honestly don’t know how to live in the same place for a long time. Not to mention I don’t even know WHERE I want to live permanently.  Ideas anyone?

Besides reading what do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m very active in my son’s school. I volunteer a ton and hold a board position on the PTO. The staff of the school are aware of my addiction to reading, they just don’t know what KIND of books I read *grin* I’m also a bit of a Xbox fan girl. I love everything from shoot-em-up mulitplayers (COD, GoW), to single player RPGs (Fable, Mass Effect)
What is the hardest thing to do when it comes to reviewing a book?

HA! I find the entire thing challenging.  When I first signed on to write for bittenbyparanormal romance I thought it would be soooo easy. I love books. I love talking about books. What would be hard about typing out my thoughts? Apparently everything. LOL. I’ve read on authors’ blogs that when it comes to reviews they want to know specifics as to WHY a reviewer loved or disliked a book. Unfortunately, there are many times when my brain just screams “OMG I LOVED THIS BOOK” and nothing else. Not very specific, huh? ;) It just reinforces my respect for authors when I get writers block with a 200 word review, while they’re expected to churn out 100+ pages of greatness. *I tip my hat to you fine ladies and gentlemen*

What is the biggest thing you look for when you review a book?

I’m an escapist reader. When I’m reading I want to be enthralled with the plot and characters. I want to be able to see the world, feel the emotions, and get scorched from the heat radiating from the hero and heroine. If I can visualize and ‘feel’ all of those things then I know I’ve got a winner!

Who are some of your favorite authors?

My God, this could go on forever. Let’s see:

For PNR I love Jeaniene Frost, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole, Melissa Mayhue, Karen Marie Moning, Molly Harper, Jacqueline Rhoades and many many more.

Sci/Fi romance you can’t beat Evangeline Anderson, Laurann Dohner, Eve Langlais and Kaitlyn O'Connor.

favorites include Kristen Ashley, Maya Banks, Sophie Oak, Charlotte Stein, and Cherise Sinclair.

authors are Lorraine Heath, Miranda Neville, Victoria Vane, Kate Pearce, and Manda Collins

I occasionally like to slip to the 'Darker side of erotic romance/erotica' and indulge myself with a little Kitty Thomas, Bianca Sommerland, and Annabel Joseph


Questions from Bitten’s Facebook users

Venus Batista- I would ask with so many titles available to them, what is the determining factor in choosing which to read next? :) Always my problem

I’m always in a genre funk. At the moment I’m still hooked on historicals. I love me some devilish rakes! So, I always start with the genre I’m jonesin’ for and move onto other bloggers’ recommendations, author recommendations, and ultimately reader recommendations on goodreads. Without goodreads I think I would be lost!

Debra Smith- What things separate your favorite authors from the ones that are just "okay"?

It all comes back to my escapism. If I’m reading a book and start to clearly picture the scenes in my head like a movie, my heart aches when the hero and heroine hit a rough patch, and my adrenaline starts flowing when there's a battle then I know that I’m reading something great!

Dominique Eastwick -When you review what constituted a 5, 4, 3, etc. in your eyes.

A 5 book for me is one that I absolutely cannot put down. It’s when I’m so lost in a fictional world that the basic needs of life take little to no precedent over what I'm reading. Obligations? Responsibilities? What are those?

A 4 for me is almost the same as a 5, but I am able to tear myself away to do menial tasks. Such as eat ;)

A 3 is a book that I like, but I’m just not as dedicated to. I can make dinner, watch a movie, or visit friends and not fret about what I could possibly be missing.

A 2 is a book that I can put down for hours and not think much about.

1’s….hmm.. I RARELY give 1's out. Actually, I never have for the blog. There has to be something incredibly wrong with a book (unlikable characters, ridiculous plot, lack of emotion) A 1 for me is a book that I couldn’t even finish. 

J.v. Altharas- What's your length preference? (giggity) How short is too short, how long is too long?
Oh the places my inner adolescent could go with this question ;) But, let’s stick to less naughty things, Shall we? I love just about any length of book. Once I start a book I have to finish it. I can’t go to bed with 100 pages left and be content. Honestly, I’ll dream about it all night long and it will drive me insane. Sometimes novellas are the perfect length for my OCD behavior. I know realistically that if I start a full length novel after dinner I probably won’t be going to bed until the wee hours of the morning. SO, I’ve learned to choose my book length wisely depending on the time of day. I know a lot of people have problems becoming immersed in a world in under 100 pages, but you just have to find the RIGHT authors. Victoria Vane, Dianna Hardy, and Eve Langlais are all masters at packing a huge punch in a short amount pages. 


  1. *Jeeper wave* Hey! Thanks for the interview. I stalk Carole Dee's reviews. I get a lot of my sci fi smut reads from her.

  2. Me reading smut? NEVER! *smirk*

  3. So nice to get to know you better. I love your reviews. We have some of the same taste in Paranormals. I really tip my hat to you reviewers. I love to read, I read a lot, but when it come to reviews I have a heck of a time getting one out. I have on occasion written reviews on my blog but they are few and far between. I loved the book and want to tell everyone I loved the book...but it's hard to get the words out to tell why I loved the book. lol

  4. CaroleDee,
    Keep up the great work!


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