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Review Creed by Kristen Ashley

Title: Creed (Unfinished Heroes, #2)
Author: Kristen Ashley
Source: Self Purchase
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Length: Novel (approx 426 pgs)
Release Date September 16, 2012

Young, way too young, the eleven year old Tucker Creed and his six year old neighbor find they have something awful in common. And Creed decides, even at a young age, he's going to do everything in his limited power to shield his Sylvie from her nightmare.

So he does.

Time goes on and Creed and Sylvie form a bond that grows and blossoms with their ages.

And they fall in love.

They also plot to leave their nightmares behind, the town they live in that will hold them down, the histories they share that, unless they break free, will bury them.

So on Sylvie's eighteenth birthday, they've decided to meet at their special place and disappear.

But Sylvie goes to their special place, Creed never shows and she doesn't see him again until it's too late.

Way too late.

Creed was great! It started off strong, got a little choppy half way in, but finished with a bang thanks to Kristen Ashley's great epilogues.

Sylvie and Creed were friends growing up. They spend eleven years protecting each other from abusive and alcoholic parental figures growing closer as the years progress. As they mature their realtionship becomes a romantic one. On Sylvie's eighteenth birthday they are set to leave Kentucky, and their parents behind. The morning of their grand escape Creed never shows. Sylvie's left confused and heartbroken, but the worst doesn't come until she heads home to her abusive father to find out he has sold her to the local pimp/drug-dealer to pay his debts. Six years of abuse under the hand of her new 'boyfriend' come to pass until she's able to escape to Colorado where she begins a PI firm. While working on a case for Knight a partner is brought in and who else could it be but Tucker Creed. Sixteen years of separation hasn't put a damper on their explosive chemistry, but Sylvie's not the sweet debutant she once was and she's not afraid to come down hard on Creed for disappearing on her in her time of need.

Creed and Sylvia's relationship is filled with love, hate, turmoil, and lust. I'm not an overly emotional person, but I was bawling for the first half of this book. The heart-twisting moment that Creed made his debut back into Sylvie's life I didn't know whether I wanted her to jump his bones or shoot him. Yes, it's that angsty. And once things start to heat up it is nuclear! Talk about some fan worthy sex scenes. All I can say about that is, WOW!

Ashley has a writing style all her own. If you've never read one of her books you may be shocked at first. You get 1st person POV from Sylvie and Creed throughout (but mostly Sylvie's).Flashbacks are abundant in this one, but they flow so well. In fact, the flashback scenes were some of my favorite parts of the book :)

There were a couple of things that bugged me in Creed, hence, the 4 star rating. The reveal of WHY Creed disappeared without a word was VERY slow to be revealed. Even when he finally tells Sylvie what happened, we the reader, only get the story in short snippets by way of Sylvie having nightmares about what he told her. I would have enjoyed to read the the conversation between the two rather than finding out tediously for the next 200 pages. Also, Sylvie's story of what happened during her six years of captivity were never described in detail. I'm not trying to be morbid, but I would have liked to know why she stayed in the situation for that long before finally escaping. Was she locked in the house the whole time? Was she chained to the stove?

In all, Creed was a great book. Maybe not as angsty as some of Ashley's others, but there's no one that can hold a candle to her when it comes to pulling my heartstrings. I recommend reading her Colorado Mountain series, and THEN, when you're thoroughly hooked on KA (because you will be), and are in the mood for something a bit steamier than her normal fare check out Creed!

*All of Kristen Ashley's released titles and (most of) her coming attractions have sample chapters downloadable from her website. You can download the Sample chapters of Creed HERE


  1. Well damn...I wanna know why Creed didn't show! I'm already a fan of Kristen Ashley so this isn't a hard sell for me, but now I want this book NOW! I personally am kinda glad KA doesnt go into Sylvie's 6 years of captivity, I have a hard time getting through rape scenes. I probably wouldn't want to order this book if it had rape/torture stuff in it. Awesome review Carole Dee!!!

    -Selena Mc

  2. HA I was about 3 chapters in and dying to know why he didn't show! I'm not very good with mysteries :)


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