Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review: Dominion by S.E. Lund

Title : Dominion
Author : S.E. Lund
Punblished: June 1, 2012
Length : Kindle edition 250 pages
Genre: Paranormal /Erotic Romance
Reviewer : Cerridwen

A paranormally-gifted female vampire hunter is seduced by beautiful eight-hundred year old identical twin vampire brothers.

When pre-med student Eve Hayden searches for a translator for an ancient French illuminated manuscript she found in her dead mother’s research files, she gets more than she bargained for: Michel de Cernay, an eight hundred year old vampire and his identical twin brother Julien. The manuscript details their death and rebirth as vampires in 1224 during the Cathar Crusade at the hands of an ancient vampire.

Michel wants to prevent Eve from reading the manuscript or becoming a vampire hunter like her dead mother before her. He hopes Eve will instead pursue her studies in music. Unable to compel her to forget him and all about vampires, Michel asks Eve to become his Adept, working cases with him protecting the Treaty of Clairveaux that keeps vampires in the closet and peace between the two species. He also wants her to become his sexual submissive and despite her initial reluctance, Eve is drawn to the idea of submitting to this beautiful vampire.

She also meets his brother Julien, a brash and mercurial opposite to Michel's calm determination. The temperamental opposite of Michel, Julien tries to complicate the budding romance between Eve and Michel in the hopes of winning Eve for himself.

Gifted with paranormal skills, planning to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a vampire hunter, Eve is torn between loyalty to her mother’s cause and her desire for these twins.

Erotic, suspenseful and fast-paced, Dominion will keep you turning pages as Eve searches for the truth about her mother’s death, her birth and her desires.

Don't let the cover fool you! It's not as dark as it lets on, but it is a VERY hot read.
 Eve is a strong character that is willing to throw away the way she was raised in order to help a cause that she believes is just.
There is a touch of  light BSDM in this story but it was tastefully intertwined to make it relevant to the story.  It actually enhanced the plot. In other words there is a reason for it.
I couldn't put it down and wanted to throw the book across the room for leaving me hanging like it did. Thankfully there is a second book that I cannot wait to get my hands soon.


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