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Review of The Soldier's Lotus by Adonis Devereux

Title: The Soldier's Lotus
Author: Adonis Devereux
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Format: ebook - 219 pages
Release Date: July 3rd 2012
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One death. Saerileth had trained all her life for one death. From the time her clan had been massacred when she was five years old, until now, thirteen years later, Saerileth has sought one death. Now that she has attained the rank of full-blown Lotus, she has been sent by the Red Lotus guild to the foreign city of Arinport. But Saerileth has other plans, and the one death she seeks is more to her than the guild's plans for her. Saerileth's plans go awry, however, when she meets Darien, the brave soldier from her past, whom she had never expected to see again.

Darien alters everything, simply by being there, and Saerileth is swept up into a world of intrigue and assassination that makes seeking her one death even harder. But her mission of vengeance is difficult to reconcile with being the soldier's Lotus, and in the end, Saerileth's choice will affect three nations.

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Sexual -
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The Soldier's Lotus was a true love story between two people who were destined to be together and fought the obstacles that are thrown at them in trying to keep them apart. There was passion, deception, revenge and rivalry that will surprise you as it will pull at your heartstring.

This book by Adonis Devereux had a different feel to it compared to the other books. While still set in the enchanting world of Gilalion we learn about several other tribes different from the ones in previous books and in particular Darien and Saerileth, who are so very different from each other but are destined for each other. Saerileth planned throughout her young life for revenge and when she encounters the man who was her saviour her world gets turned upside down. No matter what is thrown at Darien and Saerileth, their love and passion is so intense that they would die for each other.

I enjoyed reading this book as I felt the strong emotional bond that they had for each other, at the same time was drawn to conflicts that would tear them apart. What I really loved about this story was Darien and Saerileth's passion that went beyond just the physical, but transcended to a very deep connection of two souls. I could feel that it went beyond what two people could ever hope to have in their lives and that it was one of those rare loves.

Warning this book contains M/M, M/M/F, anal sex, rough sex and toys.


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