Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bi-weekly series Discussion on our Facebook page

I wanted to let everyone know I’m hosting bi-weekly series discussions on our Facebook page. With all of the guest post and reviews that we post here on the blog it becomes very hard to get free slots for us to just post fun things like series discussions. I feel like we can do things like this on the Facebook page.

I have a poll up on the Facebook page now, so please join in on the voting.  I've picked a few well known series to start us out with, something most of us are familiar with. I will leave up the poll until Friday November 2, 2012 and I will start the bi-weekly discussion Monday November 5, 2012. As of right now I want to stick with paranormal romance, but as next year goes by I will start adding a mix up of romance series. If you have a series suggestion you’re more than welcome to message me on Facebook. 

I welcome anyone who wants to have clean discussions to please join in. LOL Yes, Sharon, we can talk about  "sweaty, dirty men." I meant, no arguing we all have our opinions. 

Have a good weekend


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