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Characterfest # 9 with Damon and Jared by Tereas Gabelman

Please welcome Damon and Jared with Teresa Gabelman! 

Hi everyone! I’m Teresa Gabelman author of The Protectors Series. I am so excited to be doing Characterfest at Bitten by Paranormal Romance, but have to admit a little nervous interviewing Damon DeMasters. He sets me a little on edge, not to mention he is freakin hot, but for you guys I will do it. When vampires decided to let it be known they have roamed among us for thousands of years it was quite a shock, but soon the shock became curiosity. The Vampire Council Warriors, aka VC Warriors, were in the news more and more so I took a gamble, contacted someone I knew in the police force to see if they could pull a few strings and get me on the inside with the famed Warriors. To my surprise it happened and that, my peeps, is how Damon’s story came about.

Now standing in the warehouse where they train waiting for Damon to finish I feel the unsettling nerves start to grip me. Damon spots me, walks over to another Warrior then they both turn to stare with those golden eyes. I should be use to the feeling these Warriors have on me, but I’m not and like a clumsy klutz I drop my notes. Quickly bending down to shuffle them together I look up to find a pair of leather clad legs in front of me. Slowly standing I let my eyes travel up to a pair of sexy golden eyes looking down on me. Damon’s lips were curved in that lopsided grin that flutters my stomach.

“Hello Teresa.”

“Hi….” I cringe when my voice squeaks. Clearing my throat, I try again. “Hi Damon. Thanks for doing this interview.”

He nods pulling out a stool for me to sit on. When I sit I see that he is still standing, arms crossed against his massive chest looking more sexy than he had a right to.

“Do you care if I record?” I pull my recorder out of my bag.

This time he shakes his head no.

“I hope you know for this interview to work you’re going to have to speak.” Clicking the on button I stick the recorder between us. One thing I had learned from Nicole, Damon’s mate, is you had to hold your own with these Warriors.

Me:  How is your mate, Nicole? (I ignore the glare shooting my way.)

Damon: Fine.

I hold the recorder out for a second longer before clicking if off hoping he would say more, but to my disappointment we just stared at each other without another word coming from his lips.  Dropping the recorder to my side I sighed.  “Do I need to call Nicole in to answer these questions?” His glare and silence was really starting to freak me out, but I need this interview done before the 5th and dammit, he was going to give it to me. Shoving the recorder back out I clicked it on with a cock of my eyebrow praying to God I would live through the next hour.

Me: Are the Warriors still helping the Social Service Department?

Damon: Yes, when needed.

Me: When the Vampire Council decided to make your presence known to the world how did you feel about that?

Damon: (Shrugged his shoulders.) Not much I could do about it. I figured you humans would go running and screaming, which some of you did. (He smirks shaking his head.) But humans like my Nicole took it in stride and learned to live with it…with us.

Me: Nicole is a special lady. She has done many wonderful things not only for human children, but vampire children. Do you think you guys will adopt?

Damon: Next question.

Me: (Okay note to self ‘no personal questions about their private life.’) Sorry, didn’t mean to pry, but readers are curious.

Damon: I have enemies and do not wish to put too much personal information out there. If you remember that was the deal when you wrote your book.

Me: Yes, I do remember and I apologize. (I grimace feeling like a five year old who just got chewed out.)

Damon: Its fine….next question.  (He glanced at his watch.)

Me: What color were your eyes before you were turned?

Damon: (He hesitated before answering, looking uncomfortable.) Green.

Me: Light or dark?

Damon: Why in the hell would anyone want to know this. They were just green Teresa. Next question.

Me: (His getting pissy was making me pissy so I decided to throw out the question I wasn’t going to ask just to shake him up a bit.)    Boxers or briefs?

Damon: Neither. (His grin was smug knowing he got me on that one.)

Me: (After fumbling with the recorder I almost drop, my eyes shot to his. Dammit. After giving him an evil glare I ask the next question.) So who exactly was Damon DeMasters before being turned into a vampire Warrior?

Damon: I really don’t like to talk about my past life Teresa. I’m not being complicated….(I snort at that lie). Okay, I’m trying not to be complicated, but the only reason I am doing this interview is because Nicole ask me to do it. I’m very private and don’t like to talk about myself.

Me: Fair enough, but readers want to know about you.

Damon: Isn’t that why you wrote the book? (This time he cocked his eyebrow back at me. He was better at it. It was more…intimidating than mine.)

Me: So is there anything you would like readers to know about you? (Smartass is what I wanted to say, but settled with the question instead.)

Jared walked in the door at that exact moment.

Jared: I got tons of stuff on him. What do you need to know?

Damon: Shut the hell up Jared. (Damon’s growl echoed through the room)

Me: Hey Jared!

Jared: Hey babe. What are you doing interviewing this guy? I’m much more interesting.

Me: Your turn will be coming up. (I smile at the handsome Warrior who I felt more at ease with.)

Jared: Sweet. You riding along with me next week?

Me: Can’t wait.

Jared: See you then. (He gave me a wink.) Ask him about the time he got kicked out of that strip club down on….

Damon: Okay….interview is over. (Damon pushed a laughing Jared out onto the workout floor before turning back around to face me.) I’ll walk you to your car.

Me: Okay…thanks. (I was disappointed, but knew the interview was over which sucked because I really wanted to know what happened at the strip club. The reserved alpha vampire getting kicked out of a strip club was totally newsworthy.)

After Damon made sure I was tucked safely in my car he walked back into the warehouse. I sat staring after him long after the door shut. He was a puzzle for sure, a mystery to unravel even after spending many months with him. Maybe the more time I spend with the other Warriors the more I could find out about Damon DeMasters. The woman in me craved it….the author in me demanded it.

“Do you have any idea what kind of danger you put yourself in?” Damon demanded, looking at the small blonde woman with the biggest blue eyes he'd ever seen. The bruising under one of those lovely eyes had his blood raging. Ever since she walked in the door he had an overwhelming urge to protect her and that confused the hell out of him, making him growl his question at her.
“Yeah, I do, but at the time my only concern was for Sam.” She scowled back. “I have never, and I hope I never again see what I saw tonight. For a child, vampire or human, to go through something like this is uncalled for and I will do everything in my power to see that Mr. Mullins is never allowed to be near a child again.”
“I still think you are taking grave risks, even with our training, that you are ill equipped to take, human.” Damon scowled, his voice a low deep rumble of authority.
“Yeah, well it wasn’t you who put that child in the hands of a monster, vamp.” Nicole shot back. If he thought to scare her with the big bad vampire warrior thing he had going on, he was sadly mistaken. Backing down wasn't an option when it came to her job.
“Ah.... okay.” Duncan stepped in not liking where this was heading. “Everybody partner up.”
Mitch glared a warning at Nicole, who just shrugged and mouthed, “He started it.” Taking a quick peek at the warrior she noticed his smug grin. Oh yeah, this was going to be a problem.

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  3. Wow, Damon sounds fine indeed! thanks for the interview....a must read!


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