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Characterfest interview #11 with Emily by Pauline Holyoak

Please welcome Emily and Barbra! 

Award – Winning, Canadian Author: Pauline Holyoak…Merryweather Lodge – Malevolent Spirit, Book 2. A great read for the Halloween season!

I am a dreamer and lover of fiction. I grew up in a coal mining village in Southeast England, lovingly nicknamed “The place that time forgot.” I immigrated to Canada when I was twenty one, in search of adventure and a new life. I live in Alberta, with my sports crazy husband, adorable Sheltie dog and cantankerous ginger cat. I am the proud mother of two grown children and one grandchild, on the way. I have spent the past 25 years writing articles, editorials, sort stories and books. My trilogy, although a work of fiction, was inspired by my own experiences at a remote little cottage near Stonehenge.        

Interviewer: Good day reader. My name is Barbra Banister. I am a staff writer at the Salisbury Sun. I am here at Merryweather Lodge to interview Emily Fletcher, a young Canadian woman who has come here to visit her aunt.

Barbra: Ms. Fletcher, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what brings you here?

Emily: Of course. I was born in the province of Alberta, in Western Canada. I am an only child. My mother was from Ontario. My father grew up in a little cottage, not far from Merryweather Lodge.  After graduating high school, I took journalism at our local collage. After finishing college I was offered a job at The Edmonton Examiner. I have been working there as a staff writer, up until recently, when I quit. I have come to England, to spend Christmas with my aunt and my boyfriend.

Barbra: Why did you quit your job in Canada?

Emily: My ex-boyfriend was the senior editor there, when I finished with him his ego was deflated and he became difficult to work with. And, I have been thinking about moving here but I’m not sure.

Barbra: Is there anything stopping you from moving here?

Emily: Leaving my friends and my dad, and the things that happened to me here, the last time I visited.

Barbra: Things that happened to you here? Could you explain?

Emily: I can’t talk about it. You wouldn’t believe me anyway, not many people do. Can we change the subject, please?

Barbra: Certainly. You said you have a boyfriend here. What is it like to be in such a long distance relationship?

Emily: Difficult, frustrating, almost gut-wrenching at times but we will find a way to work it out. We love each other very much. He is my literal soul mate and we were destined to be together forever.

Barbra: Literal soul mate? You mean, you think you were together in another life?

Emily: I do not think, I know.

Barbra: Right. Ms. Fletcher, I must ask you this, are you involved in witchcraft? Is that why you wear that pentagram around your neck? And why do you keep fumbling with it?

Emily: No, I’m not involved in witchcraft and I wasn’t aware that I was fumbling. It’s my aunts. It belonged to her mother. She said it was good luck.

Barbra: Was your aunt’s mother a witch? Is that why people say Merryweather Lodge is haunted by an old witch?

Emily: Who said that?

Barbra: Is it me or is it getting really cold in here? You must have heard the tales about this place. Would you mind if I moved closer to the fire. I’m freezing?

Emily: You called her old.

Barbra: Who? Where’s that that rancid smell coming from?

Emily: You shouldn’t have called her old.

Barbra: Why are you trembling? What’s that hissing sound?

Emily: She doesn’t like to be called old.

Barbra: Who switched the lights off? I can’t see a thing. Oh my God! Something’s touching me. Help! Help!!

            Meet my protagonist, Emily Fletcher – In her words.

Dear reader. Come with me to the West Country in England and experience my life’s strange and eerie journey.
It began when I was fourteen years old while visiting my aunt and uncle in their quaint little cottage. It is situated on Salisbury Plain not far from the historical Stonehenge. I had waited all my life to visit that enchanting land but it didn’t take me long to realize that my fairy tale kingdom had a sinister twist. One night, in my attic bedroom I was confronted by an entity that taunted me for the rest of my stay and long after that. Later I was to discover that this hideous creature was someone I had known centuries ago.
Come with me and feel the magic and mystery of this captivating area. At times it felt like I was standing on hallowed ground. Envision the lush rolling hills, quaint old pubs and rose covered cottages that dot the English countryside. Inhale the aroma of fresh baked bread and home made scones with thick Devonshire cream and strawberry jam. Smell the fragrant scent of the unseen shadow that followed me around. Cringe at the putrid stench of my unearthly adversary. Who is she? Will she get her revenge? Slip back in time to an ancient world of Goddesses, allure, sorcery, and sacrifice. Grieve with me over the loss of someone I loved and respected. Did he die of natural causes or at the hand of something diabolical? Laugh with me at the unique British humor, lingo and antics of my dear Auntie Em. A sturdy English rose, abrasive and hard on the outside but all soft and mushy on the inside. Why is she so full of secrets? And will she ever recover from the dreadful event that left her incapacitated? Meet her husband, my Uncle Reg, a man of the land. Experience with me the lust and excitement that ran through my veins when I became infatuated with the son of my uncles right hand man. Why did he evoke such familiarity in me? Had we met in another life? And will I ever get to feel his lips on mine? Meet his parents: John McArthur, a meek and amusing little man; Maud McArthur, a stout stern-faced woman with a holier-than-thou attitude. His sister Belinda, a beautiful young woman with a dark and devious soul. Why did she stir up so much dread in me? Let me introduce you to the peculiar Mrs. Tilly, a wise and colorful gypsy. Is she really what she seems to be? And why does she appear ageless?
Come with me to Merryweather Lodge, if you dare.
I was born in Alberta Canada. My name is Emily Fletcher, I am the protagonist and this is my story.           

 Book 1 Merryweather Lodge – Ancient Revenge was the Readers Favorite 2011 Silver Award-Winner. Leave me a comment and your email address, for a chance to win (in eBook format) this Award-Winning book.
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