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Characterfest interview #21 with Endelle by Caris Roane

 Please welcome Endelle and Caris Roane 

A Fashion Critique, by Endelle of Second Earth, with Caris Roane moderating…

Caris Roane cocks her head at the leader of Second Earth.  “So, how did you develop your unusual sense of fashion?”

Endelle bursts out laughing, then says, “One gaudy piece of shit at a time.  And yes, before you state the obvious, it has been said that I look like I’m dressing for a Halloween party every day of my life and why the hell not?”

Caris shakes her head and glances at her notes then back at Endelle. 

The Amazonian Second Ascender is wearing some kind of black leather bodysuit, pieced together like a quilt with ribbing between of banana python.  Her large breasts are barely covered, but a clever ‘shrug’ climbs up her neck to form a tall collar and add interest to the ensemble.  The collar supports her mass of curly black hair that rises to a strange height and which is held in place with a gothic crown of intricate yellow-and-black beadwork.  Beautiful, outrageous, artistic and insane. 

Caris smiles.  “Endelle, you’ve always made me laugh.” 

Endelle loses some of her vintage abrasiveness for a moment.  “Hey, that’s my job.  Writing is hard work.  I try to make it easier for you.”

Caris tilts her head.  “And you succeed, but we’re kind of off-topic.  Seriously, what’s with you and fashion?”

Endelle rolls her eyes impatiently.  “Well, if I have to be serious, every woman needs a hobby.  Making everyone around me grimace, cringe and squint when they look at me is mine.  But I do love fashion, despite that I usually look like something a tornado whipped up.  Beatrice, my BFF from Fourth Earth, shares my joy.  We’ve secretly watched every season of Project Runway, usually eating popcorn the whole time, but I end up throwing most of mine at the screen.”

“I think it’s so strange that you and Beatrice are friends.”

“Well, you know…opposites attract, and all that.”

“I guess.  Ah, the models have just walked in.  So tell me about today’s choices.  They seem, um, understated for you.”

“Well, for one thing, I didn’t want to completely freak the audience at BBPR, and I thought I’d talk about how I’d fix up these offerings.  First, the hat.  Okay, I’d make it bigger, add a few feathers, maybe even a snakeskin ribbon that ties beneath the chin.  Otherwise, I think the design is solid.

Caris’s brows rise.  “It really is a beautiful design.  Maybe not practical in a crowd.”

“Hmm, you’ve just given me an idea.  If I added a few blades, I think it would make for great crowd control.”  Once more she laughs, a hearty sound that bounces around the studio.  “Now for the dress.  This is a wedding gown by Elizabeth Fillmore.  Some of the blogs called it ‘outrageous’.  For my taste, it’s very subdued but I liked some of the ideas here.  However, if I should one day tie the knot—which is not fucking likely, BTW—I’d cut the damn bodice down.  I mean, what’s with the high cut and all the sheer fabric?  You can’t see the best bits and really my girls deserve better display.  I think a keyhole for my navel that creates a point just at the tip of my crotch would really make the right statement.”  Endelle glances at Caris.  “Now, why the hell are you the shade of strawberry?  Because I said crotch?”

Caris blows air from her cheeks.  “Never mind.  On to the shoes, Endelle.”  She shakes her head as though wondering why she ever agreed to do these critiques with the Supreme High Administrator of Second Earth.

Endelle sighs.  “These were just so damn pretty and romantic I wouldn’t change a thing.  Of course, the shoes would be all I’d be wearing, if you catch my drift.  I  know they’re not my usual style, but my latest crush—that bastard, Braulio—has been softening up my girly side a bit.”  *sighs gustily*. 

Endelle glances around the studio.  “Okay, Caris, so are we like done, or what?  I’ve got a world to save!” 

“Yes, I think…”

Poof, Endelle disappears

Caris’s color deepens.  “Uh, sorry folks!  Endelle really does have a world to take care of.  So that’s it for today.  Not sure when we’ll do another fashion critique.”  Once more, she blows the air from her cheeks.  “Not again in my lifetime, I hope,” she adds, muttering.    

Bio:  Caris Roane aka Valerie King has published over sixty Paranormal and Regency novels and novellas.  In 2005, Romantic Times gave her a Career Achievement award in Regency Romance.  As Valerie King, she is currently releasing her gently-edited backlist and working on a Regency Historical project.  As Caris Roane, she writes paranormal romance for St. Martin’s Press and also dabbles in a few self-pubbed projects.

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  2. That dress, the wedding one, it's really pretty(however Endelle might change/add some things :D), and about the shoes, I'd love a pair like those, really!


  3. Don't know if I could pull off her fashion choices, but to each his own. Sounds like she watches too much Project Runway.

  4. Interesting fashion choices and colors.

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. Hi, everyone!
    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Endelle has been a blast to write, and continues to be one of my fav characters of all time! Hope you enjoyed the fashion show!


  6. I like the way Endelle dresses! I wish my job & my conservative family would be ok with me dressing outrageously like Endelle. I usually go "all out" on Halloween for this very reason. Its the only day of the year I can wear fishnets, corsets & outrageous Make-up!! Beautiful choices!!

    -Selena Mc

  7. Loved the shoes. Endelle is awesome.
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  8. Selena,
    I LOVE how Endelle talks and doesn't give a good *&^&*& about anything! Uh, I really can't get away with that, not even on Halloween. It's probably the reason I wrote let all my inner-Endelle-madness out! HeHe!


  9. I totally believe she only wear the shoe's. Thats so Endelle.
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  10. I love those shoes!! Endelle definitely rocks in anything she wears...weird but its Endelle is anyone really going to try and change her?? arzuagaevelyn at gmail dot com..

  11. Hi, everyone!
    Using, the winner is...drum roll...
    bn100candg at hotmail dot com!!! Congratulations! I'll be contacting you shortly!

    Thanks everyone for your comments!

    Hugs all around,


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