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Characterfest interview #28 with Brigid by Claire Ashgorve

 Please welcome Brigid with Claire Ashgorve 

Good morning everyone!  If you’re Celt, we’re rapidly approaching Samhain, the night when the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest.

It’s also the night that the McClaine siblings have been awaiting for the last year.  And I’ve brought Brigid here today, to tell you why.

Claire: So, Brigid, bring everybody up to speed would you?

Brigid:  Sure, Claire.  Last Lughnasadh, my oldest brother Cian stumbled onto a portion of our mother’s spellbook.  The magic within was designed to destroy our sire, Drandar, and free us from the poison in our soul by giving us mortality.  There are eight of us, and I was the seventh to find her words—or rather Micah brought them to me.  Samhain is the next sabot night, and only my darkest brother remains.

Claire: But there’s some question about whether he would contribute to the destruction of Drandar right?  I mean… from everything I’ve heard… Taran isn’t exactly all light and goodness.  He’s rather fond of his dark habits.

Brigid:  I’m not so sure, to tell you the truth.  Taran and I have been close over the years.  There’s a lot more to him than appearances.

Claire:  Well, I guess anything might be possible.  After all, a lot of your family swore off you too. 

(Brigid chuckles.)  They still do.  But Micah’s helping smooth things over.  Slowly.

Claire:  Yeah, that Micah is something.  Do you think you would have made the same decisions when you came across your mother’s magic if it weren’t for him?

Brigid:  No, I wouldn’t have.  I can tell you that with certainty.  Micah opened my eyes…to many things. Nobody else would have risked what he did for me.  My own family had cast me aside.

Claire:  Okay, back to Samhain since that’s what we’re supposed to be talking about.  How would you normally spend the sabot if your mother’s spellbook wasn’t in question?

Brigid:  Normally, I’d go to the standing stones behind the Scotland castle and accompany my brother, Fintan, as he led his coven through a sabot rite.  We’d light the bonfire, drum, welcome the guardians, say goodbye to the past year and welcome the new.  (She laughs.)  We’d have lots of food and wine after.  We keep things pretty traditional.

Claire:  And this year, if Taran does find the scroll, what do you think might happen?

(Brigid shudders visibly.)  It’ll be a dark night, that’s for sure.  Drandar can’t let that rite be performed—he’ll be eradicated if so.  He’ll stop at nothing to destroy it.

Claire:  So while other people are trick or treating, you all will be welcoming who knows what as it crosses through the veil?

Brigid:  Pretty much.  I guess we’ll see then, just how powerful my sister, Isolde, has become. 

Claire:  I’m not sure whether I should pray Taran finds the last scroll, or whether he doesn’t.  But let’s change gears to a few more fun things.  Let’s say he does, and everything goes okay—fast forward to next year.  There’s a costume party.  What would you and Micah go as?

Brigid:  You mean I can’t go as myself?  I think that would be frightening enough.  (She laughs again.)  No, let’s see… (Sheer impishness lights in her eyes.)  Angels.  We’d even wear wings.  Oh, and I can’t forget my halo.

Claire:  Uh-huh.  That’s so…appropriate for you, Brigid.

Brigid:  Hm.  You might have a point.  How about Antony and Cleopatra?  They were such an interesting pair. I always had fun visiting them.  Never a boring day passed.  Though, ugh, Fintan would probably catch on and come as Octavian just to piss me off.

Claire: (Chuckling.)  Wouldn’t surprise me.  All right, Brigid, we’ll let you get back to trying to make amends with Fintan.  Good luck with whatever comes of Samhain.

Brigid:  Thanks, Claire.  Take care!

And thanks for hosting me today!  Brigid’s story, Enslaved by Fear, released last week.  What happens on Samhain is revealed in Marked for Death, which is also just around the corner.  To get you started in this series, I’m giving away the first three (digital) novellas to one lucky winner: Cursed to Kill, Tormented by Darkness, and Destined to Die.


Twitter:  @ClaireAshgrove

Back Cover Blurb:
For standing against her brother, Brigid McLaine is imprisoned within her home. All she wants is freedom and the ability to follow her dark nature.  But captivity poses a greater threat in the form of her handsome guard, Micah Nelson. Day after day of confinement leads her down a treacherous path of desire she can no longer ignore

When Micah befriended Brigid six years ago, he never imagined the woman who haunted his every fantasy would end up being the very same demon he's employed to guard.  During the forced confinement, he comes to learn the softer, gentler side of the woman who is despised by her family—and he recognizes the fear that keeps her chained to her sire.  As their bond strengthens and passion ignites, Micah struggles to convince Brigid to confront her fears and escape her incubus father's dark designs. 

Yet with the sabot of Litha so near, one of them must make a choice.  Will Brigid find the ability to confront her sire once and for all and embrace the lightness in her heart—or will Micah find the courage to let go of the one thing he wants most? Brigid.


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