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Characterfest interview #5 with Laurent Bovier by RM Sotera

Interviewer – RM Sotera
Interviewee – Laurent Bovier New Orleans Vampire and part of the world of the Dirty series

RM:  Hi there followers of Bitten By Paranormal Romance.  Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you the interview I did with Laurent Bovier, New Orleans vampire extraordinaire.
Location – RM Sotera’s Office – August 3, 2012
RM – Sitting in my home office across the desk from the man of the hour I’d cleared my throat. “Let’s start our interview today with your name.”
LB – His Lips twitched as he hid a definite smile. “Ma cherie you know my name.  Do you not?”
RM – “Okay, let’s move past that.  You’re right.  I do know your name, Mr. Bovier.”  The damned man had a way of making my body quake inside.  The way he annunciated words, and the way the words rolled off his tongue made talking the way he did x-rated.
LB – He leaned forward and then tossed back a lock of long black hair that had fallen across his chest behind him before he’d leveled me with an incredulous stare. “Call me Laurent, RM.  Or else I shall have to address you as Ms. Sotera.”  That lip twitching thing started again. “And please don’t forget that I can read your mind.  X-rated, huh?”
RM – “How about we move on to the next question.  I know in book three, Dirty Valkyrie, you married Jett Donivan’s twin sister Brandi.  How is that going?”
LB – “My beautiful demi-goddess vampire wife is doing very well, thank you.”  He studied me for a moment and then added. “We’ve been tossing around the idea of a playmate in the bedroom as of late, would this arrangement interest you?”
RM – I’d Almost swallowed my tongue at his rather bold comment, but instead cleared my throat for the second time in less than five minutes. “Brandi doesn’t seem like the type of woman that would want to share you.”  Hell, I’d written her and I knew she wasn’t.   Had my characters been holding out on me? 
LB – He laughed, it was a sexy sound that lit up his gorgeous features.  “We are vampires, ma cherie.  Our sexual appetites know no bounds.  You should know that.”  By this time he’d risen and walked to the other side of my office fumbling through the books on my bookshelf. “I can take you places sexually you’ve never been, if you’d consider giving yourself to us.”
RM – I was definitely not prepared for this sort of interview.  But yet, I should have been since I had designed the man standing in front of me or rather in front of my bookcase. “How about I think about it and we move on with the interview?”  Was I in sane?  Think about what? The man was a figment of my imagination…right?
LB - “Ask away your questions, RM. “ He’d thumbed through my Fifty Shades of Grey book and stopped at the places I’d paper clipped for quick reference.
RM – “If you had a free day and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?” At this point he closed the book but didn’t take his finger from the page he was reading.
LB – “I’d take my wife, and you if you’d agree, back to the Cayman Islands for a weekend of fine dining, water activities, and endless nights of love making.  I’d make sure neither of you would ever want to return.  I’ve been told through the centuries that I’ve made a very good lover.  Brandi knows that I am.  Would you like me to show you?”
RM – I was sure the temperature in my office had risen several degrees when the sweat on my brow started slowly dripping down my cheeks. “Although accompanying you and Brandi on a romantic retreat sounds enticing, I’m going to have to pass.  I do have a husband and a child and I’m sure they’d miss me if I just vanished for a few weeks.
LB – “Perhaps.” A wry smile curved his lips. “You could say that you are attending a writer’s convention. Let us see it was Arizona Dreamin’ and Rom Con in June.  This could be Tropical Romantic Con in September. It does have a nice ring to it.”
RM – Changing the subject was in order. “When you wake up in the morning what’s the first thing you do?”  Probably the wrong question to ask from the snort he gave me.
LB – “The first thing I do when I wake up is reach for my lovely wife.  I ravish her completely once and then a second time before she’s even completely awake.  You know, as I told you earlier, vampires have very sexual appetites.  Always.” 
RM - He ran a hand down his thigh and of course I looked and then gasped at what my eyes beheld.  It was more of him than I should have taken in on a Saturday at noon.  I had to change the subject fast so out of left field I asked, “Do you think you've turned out the way your parents expected?”
LB – With that question he tucked my Fifty Shades Book under his arm and came back to take a seat in front of me.  “Probably not.  I am dead, ma cherie.”
RM – “Yeah, about that.  How did you die?” He’d stared at me in only what could be described as total disbelief.  “What?”
LB –  “That is a story in itself. One that you have yet to write.  I’m afraid we don’t have enough time for me to go into that fiasco, since I am a bit in the dark when it comes to my existence.  However, I do know that the dark gift was given to me centuries ago. At least that is what you’ve led me to believe.”
RM – Yeah, I knew that I really did need to get my butt in gear and start writing his book.  I glanced back at him and once again he was examining the Grey book. “Do you regret being given the gift, Laurent?”
LB -  He flipped the book open to one of my tabbed pages. “Regret is a waste of time.  Why do you have this specific section tabbed?”
RM – All of a sudden I was in the hot seat again.  The interviewer up against the wall. Figuratively speaking.  The page he’d opened was the part in the story where Christian tied Anna during sex with his grey tie.
LB – “Not exactly with the regrets.” He glanced at the open book and then at me, again.  “But I can arrange the action in this book if you so wish it.”  He snaked out a hand and      grabbed my wrist. “I do have a lovely collection of ties.”
RM – An uneasy laugh left my lips as I attempted to break free from his grasp.  “Tell me about your best friend. How did you meet?”
LB – “And we change direction once again.  Well, as you are well aware my best friend is Jett Donivan, the character you so flawlessly designed in Dirty Dancer.  Although he was a pain in the ass in the beginning, we have turned out to be great friends. 
RM – “Well you do need to give him a break.  I mean you did try to bed his woman and then you went after his sister.  He was a bit gun-shy when it came to you.” 
LB – That’s an understatement.  He’d wanted to slice me open, but unfortunate for him I’m already dead.”
RM – I’d managed to get him to free my wrist.  He grabbed the stapler on my desk and started fiddling with it.  “But it all ended well.  I mean you did marry his sister and gave both his sister and his wife the dark gift.”
LB – “Yes. I did. Would you like me to give you the dark gift?” 
RM – “I’m flattered, but no.”
LB – “My. My, Rm.  You know that to experience an event is much more potent that another telling you about it.” 
RM – Once again I’d managed to look away from him and gather my wits. “What are you most ashamed of in your life?”  At my question is gaze turned sad.  It was the first time during the interview that I’d seen vulnerability in his eyes.
LB – On that question he set my Fifty Shades book on my desk. “I regret the way I killed my wife, Brandi.” His eye color shifted to a dark black, and to be quite honest scared the crap out of me. “There was no gentleness in the way I took her life. My bite was hard, deep and full of rage.  I was beyond the point of animalistic. And if you remember, she did not want the dark gift.  She was still battling with her Norse heritage and her place as a valkyrie.”
RM – “But you were driven to that state.  As I recall you were kidnapped by your nemesis and bled out.  And then Brandi was put into the cell with you. You were vulnerable.”
LB – “Bull-shit. I know the semantics of what happened, RM.  But knowing them still does not change how I feel.  If I could change the way I’d taken Brandi’s life, I would.”
RM – “But you two are happy now, and that’s what matters.” 
LB – The tenseness in his shoulders settled as the color of his gaze shifted from black back to brown. “Yes.  We are extremely happy.  So happy and content with each other that we are looking to bring a third person into our bedroom escapades. My offer still stands.”  He ran a hand over the book on my desk. “Perhaps we can bring your fantasies into reality.”
RM – I really had thought we’d moved past his infatuation with my reading Fifty Shades.  “Well, it looks like we’ve run out of time.  Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know about you?”
LB – He laughed and leaned back on the back legs of his chair. “I see that I’ve stumped you once again, RM.  As you recall, I am dead so I have all the time in the world.  What do I want your readers to know?  Just that once they have met me, they will find it hard to forget me.” He pushed himself forward until the front legs of the chair were touching the ground and then he stood.  “And that goes for you too, ma cherie.” 
RM – Before I could open my mouth in reply his lips touched my ear.  His vampire speed made it impossible for me to see him move, I only knew that there he was his breath on my neck. “There are two things from you that I want.  I want you in my bed and I want my own book.  Preferably in that order.”  And with those two declarations Laurent Bovier was gone.  After a few moments I’d let out the breath I was holding, took a glance around my office and headed out into the safety of my living room.   My characters really did have a life of their own.
 And damned if I didn’t write quite the character with Laurent Bovier.  His own book?  His bed?   I’d sent a mental shout-out to my muse, Styxx.  A litter conversing was in order.

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