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Characterfest interview #7 with Lissa by Josee Renard

Please welcome Lissa and Josee Renard

Character interview – Lissa – Making History by Josee Renard

Lissa making history right this moment…

Lissa:  I know this is supposed to be a character interview, but there’s a few things I need to know about you first –

Josee: Seriously? You’re going to ask me questions? I’m the writer. You’re the character. No way. I get to ask the questions.

Lissa (laughing):        Not this time. I’m in charge. Remember, I’m the character who forced you to change the title of my story, the one thing you never do. And then you turned the most unlikely man into the world’s sexiest stud for me. You’ve never done that before, either.

Josee: Sheesh. Okay, I’ll play. What’s the first question? I’m not saying yes until I know what you’re going to ask.

Lissa:  Okay, here goes. What kind of a man do you like? What’s the first thing you notice? And what keeps you interested?

Josee: Maybe I can’t balance my checkbook, but even I can figure out that’s three questions. Sneaky. Just like me. I’m only answering because it’s obvious you like who I like. No writer is going to have their heroine fall for someone they wouldn’t like themselves.

            I like men who are smart and funny and strong. I’m pretty tough myself, so I need a man who won’t let me be the boss all the time. Alpha males for me all the way. The first thing I notice? It’s not any one thing because, at first glance, different men have different things going for them. But I’m addicted to men who smell good. I love walking down the street and passing a guy who’s wearing great cologne. Or if he’s wearing tight jeans and a leather jacket. Or a great suit and shiny shoes. Or who looks at me just that way so that I get shivers. And, keeping me interested isn’t easy because I like the new, shiny thing but a guy who’s smart, funny, strong, and smells really good has a shot at it.

Lissa:  With Morrie, I fell in love with his brain long before I fell for his body. Does that happen to you?

Josee: Yep. One of the great loves of my life snuck up on me just that way. We were just supposed to be friends, but after a few months, I wanted him. Desperately. I had to talk him into bed – I still laugh about that and so does he.

Lissa:  What’s your fantasy? The one thing you haven’t done or had, that you really really want? For me, it’s having a whole off to play with Morgan. Two weeks just isn’t long enough, even though we spend every minute of those two weeks together .

Josee: It goes back to that whole alpha male thing. I’d really like to find a man who could dominate me in the bedroom and out – not all the time, just enough to remind me that it’s possible. Just thinking about that makes me hot.

Lissa:  Thanks, Josee, that was a great interview. I learned a lot about you and I bet your readers did, too.

Josee: I bet they did.


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