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Characterfest inteview # 17 with Jordan K Rose

Please welcome author Jordan K Rose 

Laurie, thanks so much for having us on Bitten by Paranormal Romance. We’re really looking forward to meeting your readers. After some debate we’ve decided that Lucia will interview Vittorio for Characterfest. I’ll apologize up front if he’s a bit gruff and this turns out to be more of a monologue. He’s been cranky lately.  

*Vittorio grumbles*

“Hi.” *Lucia waves* “I’m Lucia Dico—“

“Della Caccia,” Vittorio interrupts. “Our last name is Della Caccia.” 

*Lucia grimaces.* “Right. I forget. Sorry. I haven’t used that last name in this lifetime. Jordan, you know he’s pretty sensitive about the last name issue.” *rubs Vittorio’s arm*

“Right. I do recall that coming up in another interview.”

“Jordan, I’m sure if you spoke to your husband he’d feel the same.” Vittorio glances from me to Lucia.

*smiles* “Right. I’m sure he would want me to use the proper last name. Lucia, why don’t you ask those questions we discussed before Vittorio turns this into a debate?”

“I’d love to.” *turns to face Vittorio* “So, Vittorio, please tell us a little something about yourself.” *smiles intently at Vittorio*

*sighs and raises an eyebrow*

“If you’re going to be stubborn, I’ll ask more pointed questions.” *edges closer and holds his hand*

“I don’t know how I got roped into this. We should be home, practicing. You still have not mastered the ability to control your powers. You can only summon The Abyss under extreme duress.” *frowns* “You’re wasting time. Avoiding.” *voice drops* “Again.”

“So, Mr. Della Caccia, please tell our audience when you first fell in love with your wife.” *beams a smile at him*

*a grin creeps across Vittorio’s face and he shakes his head* “1643 in Italy on the vineyard. You tried to blame me for not doing your work.” *leans closer to Lucia and whispers* “Your eyes sparkled in the sunlight. A natural glow. Nothing like what they do now, but equally as brilliant.” *touches her cheek*

*Lucia blushes* “And, was I your first love?”

“You know you were my first love. My only love.” *holds her gaze* “Not another woman in the world could capture my heart.”

*clears her throat* “And work? What do you do for work?” *pulls his hand from her face*

“I handle procurement for Gemma Jewelry Designs when I’m not searching the world over for you.” *tilts his head to the side*

“Any children?”

“You really should define children for whoever is reading this. I just professed you to be my only love and you ask a leading question that has the potential to make me appear unfaithful.” *rubs his temples*

“Right. Right. Any baby vampires?” *sits sideways on the couch* “But there was that one time.” *mumbles toward her lap*

“Mio cuore…” *turns to face her and brings her chin up to face him* “As I’ve shown she did not hold my love. I was a young vampire and believed you to be dead, gone forever. I had no idea you were being reincarnated and certainly didn’t know what a Pharo was.” *presses a soft kiss to her lips* “Forever you will be my only love. The only woman to keep my heart beating.”

*nods* “I know. But it still hurts.”

“I knew we should not have agreed to this interview. I hate doing anything that upsets you.” Jordan, we must go. I can’t subject her to this.” *stands*

“No. I’m fine.” *tugs on his arm* I hadn’t meant for the interview to go that way. Sit. You haven’t answered any of my questions.” *holds up a paper*

“Vittorio’s eyes bulge and he sits* “There have to be forty questions on this.” *reaches for the list*

“Ah-ah!” *moves paper away from his hand* “Back to our interview.” *scoots out of reach* “How many baby vampires?”

“Two. Made by me and me alone.” *watches Lucia with a questioning eye*


“Peter and Bruno.”

“I love them.” *smiles* “Though Peter was a pain in my ass when he worked for me at Tempo.”

“He follows orders well.” *sits back and grins* “I told him not to let you out of his sight and he didn’t.”

*rolls eyes* “Where do they live?”

“With me. Love, these questions are pretty boring.” *flicks her list* “Is that the best you’ve got? If I was interviewing you, I’d ask better questions.”

“Oh, yeah? Like what?” *folds paper*

“What is your favorite memory of our life together in Italy?” *rests his arm on the back of the couch and twirls her hair between his fingers*

*glances toward ceiling* “Umm. So many. Let’s see. I loved our wedding. Oh, and that time we made love in the southern field of the vineyard in the middle of the day when you were supposed to be working. Remember how father grilled you all through dinner to try to figure out where you’d been?” *giggles* “Your face! It was hysterical. You could barely look at him.”

“All right. Maybe my idea was a bad one. What’s your next question?”

“Who are Elizabeth and Alexander?” *shifts on couch and unfolds paper*

“They are friends of ours who live with me and have helped me in my search for you.”

“And where are they now?” *keeps gaze fixed on list*

“Exactly where do you think this question is going?” *rests his ankle on his knee*

“What do you mean?” *looks at Vittorio with wide eyes* “They aren’t with us so they must have gone somewhere.” *blinks innocently*

“I sent them on an errand so that you would not unleash your power on either of them.” *meets her gaze unwavering*

“I’d never—“

“Watch it. When you awoke from that last memory of them, you had all the fury of a murdered woman and every intent to make them pay.” *slides his hand along her shoulder*

“Well… you would have, too, if you’d just realized your closest vampire friends had killed you in another lifetime. It’s not like the revelation was one of roses and puppies and merry-go-rounds.” *huffs and refolds her list*

“They did not know who you were and they were different vampires at that time. We all travel a twisted road through the shadows. Remember, you’ve made mistakes, too.” *pulls her into his arms*

“I suppose.”

*clears throat* “Jordan, here. I hate to interrupt. But do you think maybe we could get to some interview questions? Like Vittorio what are some of the things Lucia must practice?”

*sits back, keeping his arm around Lucia* “Well, she’s not very good at all at guarding her thoughts or at calling up her powers to control The Abyss. These are two of the most important skills she must learn, if she’s ever to accomplish her task.” *glances at Lucia*

“And exactly what is that task?”

*Lucia shakes her head* “It’s a terrible task.”

“She must free my soul.”

“Kill him.” *sits up* “I have to kill my husband.”

“Sounds tough.”

“That’s an understatement.” *twines her fingers with Vittorio’s*

“You promised.” *brings her hand his lips and places kisses over each finger* “Don’t let me down.”

“Never. Never again.” *curls into Vittorio’s embrace*

“You should practice. Samuel is on the move and you must be able to block his intrusions into your mind as well.” *stands, prompting Lucia to rise with him* “We must go, Jordan. Time is passing quickly and Lucia must accomplish her task before this lifetime ends and she’s catapulted into the next.”

*frowns* “I don’t plan to let another lifetime slip away again. And this time I intend to destroy Samuel, too.”

*nods to his wife and smiles* “Spoken like a true Pharo of Redemption. As always, a pleasure to see you again Jordan. But we must go now.”

“Bye Jordan. Thanks for inviting us. Maybe next time we can meet at a mall and do some shopping.” *grins* “I’ve more than earned a shopping trip.”

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