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Charcterfest interview #13 with Domonic by Leigh Savage

Everyone please welcome Domonic! 

Hello everyone I’m getting ready to interview Domonic Asante from Angel of Death who may I say was a very handsome human and now that he’s a vampire he’s simply divine.  It’s a perfect night to interview a vampire with the full moon outside.  I’m sitting in a small dark room and growing impatient tapping my nails on the table just as I hear the door shut looking up I see Domonic seated across from me so suddenly that my heart skipped a beat and the most beautiful golden eyes staring at me and I felt all the tension drain from my body.

Leigh:  I clear my throat.  “It’s nice to see you in person.  I know many of your fans are looking forward to finding out more about you.”

Domonic:  “It’s my pleasure, Leigh.” 

Leigh:  “First, tell me a little bit about your life before you met Mika?”

Domonic:  “Well if it was before I’d met Mika I’d have you in my bed by now.”  He smiled slyly. 

Leigh:  A blush ran up my neck to my cheeks, “You’re certainty sure of yourself.”

Domonic:  “Before Mika I had a different woman whenever I wanted; after all I was the most eligible bachelor in the city.”

Leigh:  “Now that you have Mika?”

Domonic:  “Let’s just say she’s the only one I need.”

Leigh:  “Can you tell us a little about how you met Mika?”

Domonic:  “I’ll never forget it. I was at a party and she was in a sexy blue ball gown. I wanted her right then and there but she said no to me.”  He put his hands up in the air gesturing as if he couldn’t understand why anyone would say no to him.  “I had to work at getting a date with Mika by winning at pool.”

Leigh:  “Pool you say, so your relationship came down to a pool game?”
Domonic:  “What can I say? I like risk and she was worth it.”  He leaned in closer towards me piercing me with his hypnotic stare.  “Haven’t you ever felt that way about anything, Leigh?”

Leigh:  “Well umm, the audience doesn’t want to hear about me they are here to learn more about you so let’s please try to stay on track.”  I felt a bit of relief when I saw him lean back in the chair excepting my statement.  “Did your parents mold you during your childhood into the man you are today?”

Domonic:  “Not really, my mother died when I was very young and my father was an ass and never around always at work.  The only good thing about my Father was he left me the family business.  Even then I found out many years later that he’d kept deep dark secrets about the company and Mika of all people was the one to show me the truth behind the terrible things he had done.”

Leigh:  “I’m so sorry to hear that.  Tell us a little more about where you live at?”

Domonic:  “I use to live in the heart of the city of Saint Louisville, Mo but now that I’m with Mika we’ve moved slightly outside the city…I can’t say where for our protection of course.”

Leigh:  “That brings me to my next question do you still have to worry about enemies now that you’re a vampire?”

Domonic:  “Of course we have our share of enemies both human and vampire, we must always look out for one another.” 

Leigh:  “So far what was the worst thing you’ve had to face?” 
Domonic:  “Finding out the women I was in love with was originally hired to kill me before she fell in love with me and then decided to protect me putting us both in danger.”  He shook his head as if he could make the memory go away. “For a brief moment I thought we’d all lose our lives.” His eyes looked haunted.

Leigh:  “Would you like tell us how you got out of danger and saved your life?”

Domonic:  “I’d rather not it’s just too hard to talk about.”

Leigh:  “Well, since your sitting here today it seems that all ended up working out for you in the end and I’m happy for you.”  I smiled at him truly happy that he’d found happiness.  “I have to ask, would you be willing to kill to protect the ones you love?” 

Domonic:  “I’d kill for less.”  He smiled slyly flashing his sharp fangs at me.

Leigh:  Chills down my spine reminding me that he could be a deadly predator if he wanted to be despite how handsome he was.   I swallowed both terrified and excited faced with the realization of the danger I could be in at any moment.  I was left speechless.

Domonic:  “Of course I’d never hurt you sweetie.”  He smiled his fangs no longer showing.

Leigh:  “Sorry, I just let my imagination run away with me.  Now getting back on topic let me change the pace and ask some fun questions.  First what’s your favorite color?”

Domonic:  “Blue, I look incredibly sexy in blue.”

Leigh:  “What was your favorite beverage before you were turned?”

Domonic:  “Scotch on the rocks.”

Leigh:  “Boxers or Briefs and why?”

Domonic:  “Daytime Boxer/Brief combo because they are comfortable and at night nothing I love the way my necked body feels pressed against Mika’s necked body.”

Leigh:  For a moment I swore I thought Domonic’s eyes flashed red but when I looked again they were the beautiful golden color once more.  Shifting slightly in my seat to get more comfortable and giving myself a moment to collect myself after that statement.  “What’s your most distinguishing feature?”

Domonic:  “Why, everything about me…I mean look at me.” 

Leigh:  He stood up so I could give him a good once over and I had to agree he did look good everywhere I couldn’t find a single fault with this man when it came to his appearance.  “Yes, I see what you mean you are attractive.” 

Domonic:  “Attractive, huh that’s putting it mildly lady…maybe you need eye glasses if you can’t see the perfection standing before you.” 

Leigh:  “Well, I was going to ask you what your one fault was but I think I’ve found it out your way too conceded about yourself…haven’t you ever heard of being modest.”

Domonic:  “Ya, ya that’s all well and good but when you look like me you don’t have to be modest that’s for normal people.”

Leigh:  “Well, I guess we’re about done.”

Domonic:  “Now Leigh, don’t be like that.”

Leigh:   He reached out and touched my hand ever so softly his index finger stroking the palm of my hand sending tingling sensations up my arm down to the pit of my stomach.  His eyes pierced right through mine drawing me in until I felt my will melting away.

Domonic:   “How about we leave hear and go out for a bite to eat.”

Leigh:  “That sounds nice.”  I answered my voice not quite sounding like my own


His body seemed to be drawing closer to her instead of backing away. She was more beautiful than he could have imagined. Her skin was so pale and flawless against her raven black hair that she seemed as if she didn't belong in this world. He stared into those emerald eyes that shimmed and glowed. Her eyes reminded him of something he just could not place his finger on. Her tongue traced her lips giving him the urge to trace those lips with his own tongue. He drug his eyes off her lips and back to those beautiful eyes and that's when it hit him. Her eyes reminded him of cat's eyes that glowed in the night. The he noticed that anger flashed in her eyes, the most deadly sort. But that was impossible; she was far too beautiful to be dangerous.

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I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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  6. Great did you come up with this story idea?

  7. Pc I must admit the story didn't turn out anything like I originally planned on but it took on a life of it's own.

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