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Charcterfest interview #22 with Roman and Sam by Suzanne Rock

Please welcome Suzanne Rock with Sam and Roman! 

Interview with Sam and Roman, the two warlocks from Bonded In Blood

Suzanne (SR): Good Morning. J Today I’d like to introduce everyone to Roman and Sam, the two heroes in my new M/M/F story, Bonded in Blood. This is the first story in a brand new series called The Warlock Mating Chronicles.

Sam (S): It’s good that we’re keeping detailed records of our mating. So many new revelations have come upon us just within the last few months. The laws of magic are tricky and need to be handled with caution and care. These new revelations have forced us to review our laws and make changes accordingly.

Roman (R): Yes. *takes Sam’s hand* For example, never before had two men been openly able to express their love.

S: Or our mutual love for a female.

R: *Nods* One mate for each warlock. It was our way.

SR: Okay, I think we’re losing people. Maybe we should start at the beginning.

S: Good idea. We’re both part of Maddock Coven, one of the last all-warlock Covens in the United States.

R: We were all warlocks. We have Cyrah now.

S: *smiles* Yes. That was pure luck on our part.

R: Agreed. *Squeezes Sam’s hand*

SR: So Maddock Coven is an all-warlock coven. It must be difficult to keep up membership.

S: You’re telling me. The only way that someone could become a member is if they showed warlock blood.

SR: How are warlocks created, through procreation?

R: All warlocks are born as humans. No one knows if they were kissed by magic or not until their teenage years. Then their innate magic will begin to show. This magic can only grow and be sustained through sex with a woman.

S: Not just one woman, lots of women.

R: Yes. *smiles* The difficulty comes when their magic starts to grow. Then the warlocks in question lose interest in the opposite sex.

S: And start lusting after their own sex.

R: *Nods* Warlock magic cannot be sustained by having sex with men—only women. And the stronger a warlock becomes, the less interest in women they have.

S: It’s like Mother Nature’s way of making sure no one warlock gets too strong.

SR: So a warlock will reaches a plateau of power, right? Then he loses interest in women. Without sex, his magic can no longer grow.

R: Yes. Unfortunately there’s a downside. Once a warlock stops having sex with women, his magic begins to fade. Since the physical body is closely tied to a warlock’s magic, he becomes sick.

S: If he goes without sex long enough, he dies.

SR: Wow, that’s harsh.

S: Roman was very sick at the beginning of our story. He had only months, a year at most, before the sickness caused his death. It was a great worry for me, since not only was he the Coven Master, but my lover.

R: *chuckles* I wasn’t THAT sick. You’re exaggerating.

S: *frowns* You’re making light of something serious.

R: *Sobers* It was serious. My death would have made my Coven leaderless, and placed many lives in danger.

S: But Cyrah saved us.

R: She did.

SR: How?

R: Only a warlock’s destined mate can revive his love for the opposite sex. A warlock mate is bonded to him through a blood ritual. This blood ritual binds them together for eternity.

SR: Only one warlock can bond to one woman, right?

R: *Glances at Sam* That was our law, one of the great truths that governed our magic.

SR: What if the woman doesn’t want to have sex with you?

S: *Turns to Roman and exchanges a smile* Then you must convince her.

R: Yes.

SR: So whose mate is Cyrah? Roman’s?

R: Yes.

SR: Sam’s?

S: Yes.

SR: Wait a minute. I thought that a woman could only mate with one warlock.

S: This is true.

SR: So how do all three of you mate? Doesn’t it go against the laws of magic? It isn’t natural.

R: *flashes a knowing smile to Sam* You’ll have to read the book to find out.

SR: Well, there you have it. My thanks to Roman and Sam for spending a little time with me. Read about how they convince Cyrah to help their clan and become part of their lives in Bonded in Blood, available now.


Cyrah Harris has denied her pagan heritage and tried to live a normal life, but visions of two sexy strangers refuse to leave her alone. She senses trouble in their auras, and knows she must try to insert herself into their lives to stop it. Her strong attraction is difficult to control, however, and one miscalculation leaves her captured by a powerful Coven and tied to a Master Warlock’s bed.

When Roman Maddock recognizes Cyrah as his destined mate, he makes every effort to keep her close. He lusts after the sexy witch, but can’t deny his attraction for his personal guard, Sam Roberts. His emotions are torn, and Roman is unable to bind himself to either of them. Then he learns that Sam and Cyrah feel the same. Cyrah has an idea of how all three of them can become mates, but doing so would involve extremely kinky sex, denying ancient warlock tradition, and putting all of their lives in grave danger.


“You aren’t really going to prepare me for an assistant’s job, are you?” Cyrah asked.

“You’re smart. Your sharp mind will be a comfort during these hard times. The Master chose wisely.” Eli glanced at the other man and nodded. They began chanting, their low voices filling the room with sounds she couldn’t decipher but that sounded oddly familiar. Fuck, they were using magic.

She looked for a way to escape, but there was no other door. She ran to the window and tried to open the sash. It was no use. The window had been locked, and even if she could calm herself enough to use her powers, it wasn’t practical to climb out the opening. She was up on the third floor, and the room faced a rocky coastline. To jump from this height would kill her.

She turned away from the window as they approached. Their voices became louder, and their mustard-colored auras changed to orange, the color of control and manipulation.

Shit. Now she remembered where she had heard that chant before. Her grandmother had used the same spell when Cyrah was a child to prevent her from touching a hot oven.

These men were trying to freeze her muscles and stop her movements.

“Where did you learn to cast spells?” Cyrah climbed up onto the desk as the men advanced. “Stop chanting, or I’ll jump through the window.”

They grabbed her arms and yanked her onto the floor with ease. An eerie calm forced its way into her mind as their orange auras surrounded her.

No! If she couldn’t move, she couldn’t protect Roman and his lover, and her vision could come to pass. She had to get out of here, fast.

Cyrah fought the spell with everything she had. She mumbled a few words and threw up a wall around her spirit.

She managed to catch the two men by surprise. They stopped chanting and glanced at each other in confusion. She used the pause to her advantage and kicked one of her captors in the shin. He loosened his grip enough for her to slip away and race for the exit. One of the men swore and wrapped his arm around her waist before she could reach the door.

They could cast spells? It didn’t make any sense—unless they were warlocks. What were warlocks doing on Roman’s staff? Did they have something to do with her visions? She needed time to sort this out. Did Roman know that these men were doing this to her?

Perhaps these were the goons that wanted to hurt Roman. Cyrah tried to think of a spell to cast, but her mind raced in twenty different directions at once. It was too hard to concentrate.

The men started chanting again, and Cyrah watched their orange auras strengthen. She knew it was only a matter of time before the men broke through her feeble wall and subdued her. They were too strong, and since she had not been practicing her magic regularly, her spells were weak and pathetic. The first time she had chanted she had caught them by surprise. It wouldn’t happen again.

If she could just hurt one of them before they killed her, then she’d feel oh so much better.

She pounded her fist against the white-haired man’s chest, but it was like punching a wall. “You’ll never get away with this. I know people. You don’t know who you’re messing with.”

They chanted louder. A sense of calm came over her, suppressing her panic. She fought it, but it was no use. It was too powerful. By the time the second man touched her again, her muscles had turned to water. Her weak body collapsed, and she felt herself being lifted by strong hands. She curled up against him as weariness settled in her bones. The men picked her up and laid her on the soft bed. Then they handcuffed both her arms and feet to the bedposts.

“I had no idea Master would pick one of them. It’s brilliant,” the man whose name she had forgotten said.

“That’s why he is the Master, and we are his subordinates,” Eli answered.

They continued to speak in hushed tones as they finished tying her arms and legs to the bed and left the room. Cyrah tried to concentrate on their words, but it felt as if her mind was stuffed with cotton.

As soon as the door shut, her inner peace subsided and her panic rose once more. Cyrah fought her bindings for hours, but it was no use. She was stuck. Cyrah had no idea why they had tied her to the bed, but she guessed it wasn’t so she could check for dust on the ceiling. She frowned as she replayed the day in her head, wondering exactly who Roman was and what she had gotten herself into.

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