Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: Caught Between by Alexis Noor

Title: Caught Between
Author: Alexis Noor
Source: review request
Genre: Romance
Lenght: 121 pages
Reviewed by: Emi

***A virgin torn between two worlds…and two very sexy men.***
Marya Helwe is twenty-one, but she's never had a boyfriend. She's never been past second base for that matter. Her over-protective Syrian parents have ensured she's stayed as sheltered as possible, despite the fact Marya is American born and raised. But Marya manages to convince her parents to let her go on an archeological dig in Jordan, and she's determined to make the most of her first taste of independence.Almost instantly, Marya finds herself drawn to two very different men: Ash, a wealthy and dashing Jordanian, is exactly the kind of guy Marya's parents would have hand-picked for her; and Luke, an American archaeologist with a "bad boy" streak and a mysterious link to the ongoing Arab Spring. Ash pursues her, while Luke tries to avoid her, and as Marya untangles her feelings about both men, as well as herself, she catches the fever for freedom.

This was a cute story! A young sheltered girl being out on her own for the first time and having to choose between two guys, one that her parents would approve of, and the other a typical type that all parents hate. We can all totally understand how that goes lol, liking two totally different people and trying to figure what you want and what will make you happy. The setting of the story is really cool, I am fascinated by Archeology, so I love that it takes place on a dig. And with a little element of revolution and action, it kept me enticed throughout the entire book.  

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