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Review Close Liaisons by Anna Zaires

Title: Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles, #1)
Author : Anna Zaires
Source: Request
Genre: Sci/Fi Erotic Romance
Length: Novel

In the near future, the Krinar make the rules. An ancient, highly advanced race from another galaxy, they are beautiful, powerful, and immortal – and driven by dark desires.

A student at NYU, Mia Stalis has her whole life planned out..

until one close encounter changes everything. 

Drawn against her will to the dangerous alien determined to possess her, Mia finds herself thrust into a world of explosive passion and deadly intrigue. And if she is to escape his addictive embrace, she will have to make an impossible choice . . . while the fate of Earth hangs in the balance

What happens when your lover is supposed to be your enemey? Would you sacrifice your chance at happiness because of rumors and prejudice? These are just some of the hard questions that I was asking myself while reading Close Liaisons.

Mia is a naive college student that gets caught up in a dangerous situation when Korum, a visitor from another planet, takes an interest in her. From the first time they meet she feels physically drawn to him, but only five years after the Krinar race made themselves known to Earth there is still a lot of mistrust placed on the alien visitors. Korum doesn't help things with his blunt and territorial personality. His highhandedness and domineering ways had me scared yet drawn to him at the same time. I felt just as confused about my feelings for him as Mia did!

While Mia's naivety and Karum's pompous attitude towards humans had me cringing on more than one occasion I couldn't manage to put it down. The plot and steamy love scenes had me devouring the pages, and thinking about it long after I finished.

For the happily ever after seekers amongst us be aware that Close Liaisons has a satisfying, yet, happy for now, open ending. (Not open enough to feel frustrated, just enough to keep you excited for the next installment.)

My one and only complaint would have to be that during the sex scenes I felt a little put off by the very clinical terms used. Don't get me wrong, I don't want vulgar or flowery synonyms for the male and female form, but something about the very sterile terms thrown into hot (HOT, HOT!) sex scenes let me down.

With an original plot, and characters that won't leave your mind for some time to come I can't recommend Close Liaisons enough!

*You might think I'm a bit crazy, (seeing as there was no BDSM and Close Liaisons is a Sci-Fi Romance) but I can't help but see similarities between Mia/Korum and Anna/Christian from 50 Shades of Grey. A sheltered, small town college student meets a domineering slightly crazy/stalkerish, handsome man is the name of the game in this one.  While Anna Zaires writing is much better (in my honest opinion) than James' I thought it might be helpful to point out the similarities to those that enjoy reading about slightly dangerous and all-consuming relationships.


Anna Zaires fell in love with books at the age of five, when her grandmother taught her to read. She wrote her first story shortly thereafter. Since then, she has always lived partially in a fantasy world where the only limits were those of her imagination.
Currently residing in New York City, Anna is happily married to the man of her dreams and closely collaborates with him in the writing of the Krinar Chronicles. 

Be sure to visit Anna at www.annazaires.com.


Breathe, Mia, breathe. Somewhere in the back of her mind, a small rational voice kept repeating those words. That same oddly objective part of her noted his symmetric face structure, with golden skin stretched tightly over high cheekbones and a firm jaw. Pictures and videos of Ks that she’d seen had hardly done them justice. Standing no more than thirty feet away, the creature was simply stunning.

As she continued staring at him, still frozen in place, he straightened and began walking toward her. Or rather stalking toward her, she thought stupidly, as his every movement reminded her of a jungle cat sinuously approaching a gazelle. All the while, his eyes never left hers. As he approached, she could make out individual yellow flecks in his light golden eyes and the thick long lashes surrounding them.

She watched in horrified disbelief as he sat down on her bench, less than two feet away from her, and smiled, showing white even teeth. No fangs, she noted with some functioning part of her brain. Not even a hint of them. That used to be another myth about them, like their supposed abhorrence of the sun. 

“What’s your name?” The creature practically purred the question at her. His voice was low and smooth, completely unaccented. His nostrils flared slightly, as though inhaling her scent.

“Um . . .” Mia swallowed nervously. “M-Mia.”

“Mia,” he repeated slowly, seemingly savoring her name. “Mia what?”

“Mia Stalis.” Oh crap, why did he want to know her name? Why was he here, talking to her? In general, what was he doing in Central Park, so far away from any of the K Centers? Breathe, Mia, breathe.

“Relax, Mia Stalis.” His smile got wider, exposing a dimple in his left cheek. A dimple? Ks had dimples? “Have you never encountered one of us before?”

“No, I haven’t,” Mia exhaled sharply, realizing that she was holding her breath. She was proud that her voice didn’t sound as shaky as she felt. Should she ask? Did she want to know?

She gathered her courage. “What, um –” Another swallow. “What do you want from me?”

“For now, conversation.” He looked like he was about to laugh at her, those gold eyes crinkling slightly at the corners.

Strangely, that pissed her off enough to take the edge off her fear. If there was anything Mia hated, it was being laughed at. With her short, skinny stature and a general lack of social skills that came from an awkward teenage phase involving every girl’s nightmare of braces, frizzy hair, and glasses, Mia had more than enough experience being the butt of someone’s joke.

She lifted her chin belligerently. “Okay, then, what is your name?”
“It’s Korum.”

“Just Korum?”

“We don’t really have last names, not the way you do. My full name is much longer, but you wouldn’t be able to pronounce it if I told you.”

Okay, that was interesting. She now remembered reading something like that in The New York Times. So far, so good. Her legs had nearly stopped shaking, and her breathing was returning to normal. Maybe, just maybe, she would get out of this alive. This conversation business seemed safe enough, although the way he kept staring at her with those unblinking yellowish eyes was unnerving. She decided to keep him talking.

“What are you doing here, Korum?”

“I just told you, making conversation with you, Mia.” His voice again held a hint of laughter.

Frustrated, Mia blew out her breath. “I meant, what are you doing here in Central Park? In New York City in general?”

He smiled again, cocking his head slightly to the side. “Maybe I’m hoping to meet a pretty curly-haired girl.” 

Okay, enough was enough. He was clearly toying with her. Now that she could think a little again, she realized that they were in the middle of Central Park, in full view of about a gazillion spectators. She surreptitiously glanced around to confirm that. Yep, sure enough, although people were obviously steering clear of her bench and its otherworldly occupant, there were a number of brave souls staring their way from further up the path. A couple were even cautiously filming them with their wristwatch cameras. If the K tried anything with her, it would be on YouTube in the blink of an eye, and he had to know it. Of course, he may or may not care about that.

Still, going on the assumption that since she’d never come across any videos of K assaults on college students in the middle of Central Park, she was relatively safe, Mia cautiously reached for her laptop and lifted it to stuff it back into her backpack.

“Let me help you with that, Mia –” 

And before she could blink, she felt him take her heavy laptop from her suddenly boneless fingers, gently brushing against her knuckles in the process. A sensation similar to a mild electric shock shot through Mia at his touch, leaving her nerve endings tingling in its wake.

Reaching for her backpack, he carefully put away the laptop in a smooth, sinuous motion. “There you go, all better now.” 
Oh God, he had touched her. Maybe her theory about the safety of public locations was bogus. She felt her breathing speeding up again, and her heart rate was probably well into the anaerobic zone at this point. 

“I have to go now . . . Bye!” 

How she managed to squeeze out those words without hyperventilating, she would never know. Grabbing the strap of the backpack he’d just put down, she jumped to her feet, noting somewhere in the back of her mind that her earlier paralysis seemed to be gone. 

“Bye, Mia. I will see you later.” His softly mocking voice carried in the clear spring air as she took off, nearly running in her haste to get away.


  1. I definitely want to read this now. Loved the excerpt. That cover is awesome too, love that.

  2. Just finished this book and I totally agree with the review. I loved the story and am fascinated with the entire concept. Can't wait for the next book to come out! Hope it's not too long of a wait!!

  3. Dispite the comparison to 50 Shades, I'm going to check this book out!

  4. I LOVED this series! It was so different than the usual mindless erotica. It actually has an interesting story plot and captures your attention right away. The steamy sex scenes are just a plus. The characters have grown and "evolved" in each book. I cannot wait for the other books in this series involving some of the characters she introduced this series. And I am enthusiastically awaiting her new works!! Wonderful author!!!

  5. Sherry D- I'm glad you loved this series and I believe you loved this one more because it erotic romance not erotica. You can really tell the difference when there is a storyline and romance build. Just remember just because there is sex in a book doesn't mean it's erotica.


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