Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review Destiny Calls by Lydia Michaels

Title: Destiny Calls (The Order of the Vampyres, #3)
Author: Lydia Michaels
Source: Author request
Genre: Paranormal romance
Length: Novel (approx 372 pgs)
Date published: October 11 by Siren Publishing 

After making the ultimate sacrifice in order to save his perfect brother and mate, Cain Hartzler’s patience with Destiny has grown thin. Resigned to an eternity spent alone, Cain decides it’s time to choose his own Destiny once and for all. But every choice he makes holds a greater consequence than the last.

There is only so much an immortal heart can take, and once Destiny Santos grabs hold of Cain’s, he is changed forever. Cain’s ever-confident bad-boy reputation is shaken to the core by this mere mortal, and he will do anything to have her, but another female has set her heart on Cain, and he must make an impossible choice once again.

A storm unlike any other is coming, The Order is changing, and passion will burn hotter than ever before when Cain Hartzler is finally pushed too far. There is no escaping Destiny when she calls!


So, I got to revisit my Amish Vampires and I just have to say that I KNEW that Cain's story was going to be the best so far, and I was right! I found Lydia Michaels' way with words were just as magical in Destiny Calls as her two previous installments of The Order of Vampyre series. She knows how to paint a picture with words without losing the plot of the story. I don't think I can praise her writing style enough!

Cain and Destiny run the show in this one. While there are a couple of side-stories going on the main focus is on the Cain and Destiny's relationship. When they came together it was probably some of the steamiest sex scenes I've read in a while. Their sexual compatibility is off the charts.

There are some bumps a long the way, but it makes their happily ever after that much better! And, wow, once again I am waiting to find out what happens in the next Order of the Vampyres. There was a huge twist at the end (with one of the minor characters) that has me all in knots! I can't wait!

Do yourself a favor pick up this series, it is absolutely wonderful!

*Trailer for Destiny Calls*


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  2. Wow! Thank you so much! I'm actually speechless...You guys are great!!!

  3. Dang it! You are not allowed to post reviews that will add to my TBR pile - especially series! They add more than one.

    Great review - I will have to pick this up soon.

  4. I hate when I make myself out to be such a raging fan-girl in my reviews; I tried to keep myself in check, but it is such a great book! It just blows my mind b/c the first and second in the series were so awesome and then Destiny Calls went beyond awesome. LOL. If there was a such thing as a '6-Super alpha howl' it would be up there ;)


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