Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: A Dragon's Seduction

Title : A Dragon's Seduction (The Gatekeepers, #1)
Author: Tamelia Tumlin
Length: Novella (ebook 68pgs)
Publisher: Steel Magnolia Press
Publication Date: 6 Apr 2012

Firefighter and Gatekeeper Brayden St. John guards the Northern portal to Jarithia the same way he fights fires: with honor, bravery and his own set of rules. But when the dragonshifter meets a certain lovely sorceress, he soon learns that rules are meant to be broken. Even his rules.

Sorceress Callie Gautreaux, owner of Ribbons and Roses Flower Shop, walked away from her powerful family and her Magik years ago. Now, as a malevolent wizard invokes a rogue Chaos dragon to terrorize the streets of New Orleans, she must join forces with her sworn enemy – an ultra-sexy dragonshifter – and face her past in order to save the humans. But can she save her heart from the dragon's charm?


Dragon shifters, Sorceresses, Wizards, evil family member lots of sexual tension and New Orleans are the makings for this fun novella. Brayden and Callie have attraction and a mystery to solve to bring them together, can they work through the trust issues each of them have to stay together?

This is a quick read, as it is a novella it does have some of the inherent issues of trying to balance a story and information about the background while doing so in a short space. I think this was done well, I found a few bits of information seemed to be repeated more often than necessary but overall a good, fun story.

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