Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Something for my followers to read from my heart

You know it’s amazing what authors will say behind your back. I started this blog just too keep my personal reviews, not for it to go this far. I never went to authors for reviews because I knew I had grammar issues. I’m just an ordinary average reader and human. I didn’t go through collage to be an editor. I started having followers and then all the sudden authors started coming to me to and asking for me to read and review their books, so what was I to do? I started reading their book and giving my honest opinion. Now after some gets huge they want throw me to the mud because of my grammar issues, well fine by me, but they know who came to whom first.

The blog will stay open and my reviewer will continue to review but I myself will not be taking any review request in for a while. I really need time to think.


  1. Oh Laurie. I'm so sorry honey. That is incredibly wrong in every way. I seriously can't believe that an author would do that to you after all you do for them! You review honestly & without being paid for it. All on YOUR time. They have no right to call you out for any mistakes you make. You have always made it clear to your followers that you are not a professional reviewer/editor, you are just an ordinary reader like us. A lover of books who just wants to share her love of them. I'm seriously pissed about this! Please private message me on Facebook the name of the "Big" author who did this to you. I don't wanna buy their books anymore. Thank you for all your hard work & dedication. I love you & your blog!!! Again, I'm very sorry for this persons outright rudeness!

    Selena Mc

  2. Laurie I'm so sorry to hear this. You know if it wasn't for any of use book bloggers they wouldn't be half of where they are. I don't know any book reviewer that made this their profession. We did this for love and if we have misspelled words too bad, they have editors to read their material, we have just blogger if it picks up the word if a word gets misspelled oh well. I hope you find success in anything you do you are an amazing blogger and will be sorely missed.

  3. Sorry to hear about that Laurie, i understand the feeeling too well for what i lived with my father. Never forget that your followers were there before the authors so you know we love you for you.
    Nobody is perfect but i prefer a review with a few errors but done with honesty and all your hard that somethinge mecanical
    Take the time you need but don't forget we are behind you ( and some authors will be too i'm sure)

  4. That's rather despicable. I'm sorry to hear that someone is trash-talking you because of a few grammatical errors. :[ Just because we decided to make words our lives doesn't mean you guys did. I appreciate all the reviewers out there who take the time out of their lives to assist us with OUR dreams.

  5. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this. I can't believe that people feel they have to be cruel to others. I would much rather read an honest review from someone that may have a grammatical or spelling error (besides, who does not make these from time to time?) than one that is "perfect" but insincere.
    I had been working on setting up a blog myself but with everything that keeps happening with bullying, people getting sued for using pictures, etc I don't know if it is worth the time and trouble.
    I really hope that you don't let this take away something that you enjoy doing and hope that after you take some time you come back to us. Sending lots of cyber hugs & good wishes :)

  6. June- I would never recommend anyone to start a blog. Times are changing and we are getting the bad end of the stick. We do this work basically for free and we spend a lot of money running a blog. Spite the fact, if free for everyone to read, it's not free to run.

    I have too many wonderful authors out there that comes here, so I will not be closing up the blog and I will review again, but at this time there is no way I could write a review without my emotions clouding my judgement. I'm in the process of handing over what I was working on to my reviewers and then all I am going to do is run the blog until I get my mind clear again.

    This probably wouldn't have hit me so hard, but this was one of my favorite authors. When she fist started writing she had grammar errors in her books, I looked over that fact and wrote a positive review. Well, I learned a lesson no more.

  7. That's terrible. I for one love it when BBPNR reviews my books and I appreciate that it takes a lot of time to read so many books and to write reviews for them. I would never pick someone up on anything regarding grammar or little mishaps that slip through the net from time to time. It's just not professional to do such a thing when I know there are probably the odd error here and there in my books! You can't catch everything.

    I think this author, and all authors, should appreciate the amazing work you all do here, and that you do this for FREE, out of the goodness of your hearts. You're not writing reviews to make money. You're writing reviews because you love reading, and you're doing authors a fantastic service for absolutely nothing in return other than a book. Authors gain the most from your excellent reviews, and they should remember that and appreciate everything you do, because you don't have to review their books in the first place or help them in anyway!

    I've seen so many wonderful reviewers get disheartened by snarky authors not appreciating the hard work they do, in their own time, for no reward. It's a shame that it has happened to you too, and I hope you will come to see that this is one person, who clearly needs to get their head on straight and learn to appreciate you and all the other reviewers out there who do such wonderful jobs.

    I'm sure that 99% of authors who are reviewed by you behave correctly and really appreciate your hard work, effort you put into your reviews and the fact you took time out of your life to read our books!


  8. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes these days. I am so sorry that this has happened to you, what ever happened to consideration? You run a highly successful blog, you do this all for free, and yes, running a blog costs time and money- I think that the work book bloggers put in is vastly overlooked. I know that I have grammar issues too, I make mistakes all the time. Let's face it, we all do. Maybe taking a break from reviewing for a bit is not a bad thing, it's like a "review-cation" :)

  9. sorry:( I wouldn't think it could hurt an author's reputation to have a review with mistakes in it...we all do that. Plus you have a big following!
    I have found that some authors who hit the "jackpot" kind of pull away from bloggers and what not to have a more professional image. They now have staff and a publisher to promote for them they don't need to do the blogger circuit, which is a lot of work for us and the author. So I can't really blame them, but stepping on people to climb the ladder isn't cool. Kudos for you for not calling the author out by name.

  10. WTF! The authors are getting too big for their britches. They keep forgetting if it wasn't for their fan base and readers, they wouldn't have an income or being doing what they love. I suggest you call her out. You wouldn't be the first and you won't be the last. I'm fed up with authors (of all types) publishing work filled with errors, not honoring their blog commitments, and whining and pouting like three year olds, when their book(s) receives anything less than a stellar review. Fuck 'em, we'll read from our own sources. Any author brave enough to stay with BBPR, hey, they know they're in for a helluva ride!

  11. All I can say is... wow. Just stunning, Laurie. You've been so professional, so polite, and so by-the-book every time I've worked with you and the gals here.

    I can't believe you've had to endure this. Massive hugs to you.

  12. Sorry luv that you have to deal with this kind of idiocy. I LOVE your blog and follow it faithfully. It's terrible that some can be unappreciative of all you do. Try and focus on the positive and all the people who love and appreciate all you do. hugs! Kat

  13. I hope you don't let bad authors ruin what you love. And who knows how many grammatical errors were in their books before their editors caught the mistakes ;)

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about this! It's just hard to wrap my mind around someone being so callous as to do that to you or any reviewer. I wonder what Miss Manners would have said about that behavior. As others have mentioned, there are books out there that have been published with grammatical errors so that means they got past authors, beta readers, and editors at the very least. Stuff happens so why throw someone under the bus for it?

    I really appreciate the reviews you do! It doesn't matter to me if the reviewer is grammatically correct in their review if it's honest. Take your break, get your mind clear and come back to us!

  15. Le Huge Fracking Sigh, I just can't with these authors now a days. Seriously??? Let's be real folks, you need readers and reviewers, because without them there is no audience for your books. English isn't everyone's first language and many who do speak it as a native language butcher it on a regular basis. We aren't writing Phd papers that we must defend to our peers, we are writing a review of a book we loved, liked, or just plain couldn't stand. The fact of the matter is, we are reading what you wrote, love it or hate it we are reading your writing and for that you should be grateful. Don't let idiots make you censure yourself. Your blog is just that YOUR blog and if you make grammatical mistakes?? Then so what.


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