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Guest romance author Kenra Daniels

Hi Laurie! Thanks so much for having me at BBPR today!

Every time I mention that I write about weredragons, I can count on someone asking one particular question. What the hell is a weredragon? Since I've finally released "Safe Heart", the first book in the "Blood Dragon" series, I couldn't wait to fill everyone in on these amazing creatures.

Today's weredragons are the modern descendants of an alien species that arrived on Earth during the infancy of humankind. These highly intelligent reptiles, with their technological advances, considered themselves THE Apex predator. Humans weren't their preferred prey, being considered unpalatable and too much trouble for too little reward, even if they were the most intelligent, adaptable prey on the planet.

When dragons discovered vampires preying on humans, they couldn't allow the challenge to their superiority go unmet. A long and bloody war erupted between the two predator species, but the war only served to keep both populations under control.
Dragons adapted their chameleon-like ability to take the shapes of other life forms and learned to shape shift into human bodies. The skill allowed dragons to live secretly among humans like the vampires did, but didn't give them a real advantage in the war.
As human populations increased and became organized, they started to hunt dragons and vampires. Most dragons lived the majority of their lives in human form and eventually lost the ability to take on other forms. Around the same time, they began calling themselves 'weredragons' in an attempt to alleviate the brutal, predatory image humans held of them.

Today, vampires and weredragons are still enemies, but a long-term truce is in effect, enforced by the Inter Racial Council. Both continue to live secretly among humans, and only rarely cross paths.

So, what happens when one weredragon meets one vampire, and the two fall in love? That question is at the center of the "Blood Dragon" series. In these Paranormal Romances, a weredragon and a vampire are thrown together in life-or-death circumstances with 'Mortifiers', an ancient society of vampire hunters and dragon slayers, closing in on them.

In "Safe Heart", Kiellen, a weredragon Enforcer, is assigned to rescue Jaden, a vampire kidnapped by the Mortifiers, and the two fall in love. Will betrayal and prejudice keep them apart?

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Logline: Assigned to rescue a vampire kidnapped by humans determined to exterminate them, a weredragon Enforcer falls in love. Will betrayal keep them apart?

Blurb: When vampire Jaden Beayer is kidnapped and tortured, weredragon Enforcer Kiellen Henley is assigned to find her. After her recovery, Kiellen agrees to help Jaden track down the humans responsible and exact revenge on them. The problem is, Jaden feels Kiellen is the missing ingredient for her complete recovery – even if he is a weredragon, and off limits. After all, who can resist a guy so hot the ground he walks upon steams.

Kiellen believes Jaden has mistaken gratitude for attraction, and despite his overpowering need, he rejects her attempts at seduction. As they face violence and betrayal, and Jaden's quest for revenge becomes one for justice, Kiellen's resistance evolves into acceptance and love. But a relationship between them could endanger the fragile truce between weredragons and vampires, and could mean the death sentence for them both.

Excerpt I: 547 words

Jaden stood. "I should get dinner started."
"Let me help." Kiellen followed her to the kitchen. Seeing her in her home, in a normal setting, only reinforced his protectiveness, rather than lessening it. She laughed and flicked the lights on, even though neither of them really needed it. "Let me do something for you for a change. Just relax, I got this."
He tried to help anyway, but when Jaden threatened to ban him from the kitchen, he settled for watching from one of the stools at the counter. She worked with an economy of motion Kiellen appreciated, and a grace that made him unable to look away. Why didn't she have a male? Gorgeous, intelligent, strong, and sweet, a male would be lucky to have her.
When the pasta, sauce and salad were finished, Kiellen helped her bring them to the table, over her objections. He ate automatically, barely tasting the food, mesmerized by Jaden as she ate. She was so unaware of her own beauty that watching her utterly fascinated Kiellen. The soft lighting turned her hair into a cascading halo of shimmering gold. He must have kept his end of the conversation, since she didn't notice his preoccupation, even though he couldn't have recalled what they talked about thirty seconds later.
When she threw her head back and laughed at something he said his cock grew hard. Goddamn it! That was the last thing she needed right now. With iron control, he shut down that part of himself. He forced his mind to the conversation.
"And I met Alyssa about a decade ago." She paused for a sip of blood. "She was in an alley, trying to feed from a drunk, and obviously had no idea how to go about it. Turned out, her Sire abandoned her."
What the hell was he supposed to say? "That has to be rough." Sounded like an idiot.
"It is. There's a reason the IRC regulates the whole process of turning a human to a vampire. They're usually pretty good at deciding who will make a good Sire, but not always." She wiped her mouth and put her napkin on her plate.
Kiellen looked at his own plate. Empty. When did he eat it all? "I'll get the dishes this time. Go and relax. It'll only take me a couple of minutes." The insane urge to kiss her hit him. He needed a few moments out of her immediate proximity.
"Fine, since you insist. I am a little tired." Standing on tiptoe, she leaned in and kissed the corner of his mouth, then turned and left.
Kiellen stared after her with an unbelievably hard cock and a pounding heart. She lay back on the couch, facing him, eyes half-lidded with exhaustion. He abruptly turned away in self-defense. He automatically went through the process of washing the dishes, repeatedly forcing his thoughts back to the puzzle of catching Redinger. His stubborn mind kept returning to Jaden.
He was feeling things for her he shouldn't. Was Coltran right to be concerned? Her recent brutalization aside, she was also a vampire. Anything more than casual friendship was out of the question. It simply couldn't be done. So he wrestled his feelings back into compliance with what he knew to be right.

Excerpt II: 1017 words

Kiellen waited until she turned away, then closed the door softly and turned the locks. Jaden's heart caught in her throat as he turned toward her and leaned his shoulders against the doors. The low lighting set off his rugged handsomeness. His sensual lips tipped into a small smile and now-familiar heat pooled in her belly.
"You were jealous." His eyes glinted as he started unbuttoning his shirt.
Jaden's throat went dry as the firm skin of his chest came into view slowly, tantalizingly. "I was." Then his shirt was open all the way, exposing hard pecs and abs. The little line of hair below his navel disappeared into the waistband of his pants. She swallowed hard. "I don't share." The words were out before she could stop them, revealing a possessiveness she hadn't been aware of before. Something had changed.
He slipped the shirt off his shoulders and let it drop to the floor. "Why won't you share me?" His voice was gravelly, thicker than usual.
Her heart pounded. She licked her lips. Stared at his chest. "You're mine." Her voice stayed so low she could barely hear it, the words involuntary, dragged from her being by some unseen force.
He moved and her eyes flicked back up to meet his. He crossed the room in three long steps and stopped before her. He just stood there, looking at her, his breath harsh. He raised his hands slowly and grasped her shoulders with a crushing grip.
Jaden stared at his mouth, his lips parted temptingly. Her body ached to be crushed to his. She strained toward him.
"Do you mean that?" His voice was a low growl, raising gooseflesh on her skin.
She couldn't tell if he wanted her to mean it or not, or even if she did mean it. Thoughts raced frantically through her mind as she tried to decide how to answer. Then that moment in the car where he'd told her she was someone special came back to her.
"Yes." Her heart lodged in her throat for a different reason. What if he didn't want to be hers? She licked her lips again, staring at him, trying to read him.
His mouth softened and his grip on her shoulders eased. Gently, he drew her closer as he lowered his head. "Mine," he breathed when his lips met hers. Jaden melted into him as his mouth played across hers, teasing. He buried his hand in her hair and tilted her head just so to give him better access to her mouth. His tongue teased at her lips, seeking entrance.
Jaden felt him smile against her mouth as she parted her lips. She had her answer. He wanted to be hers, at least for a time. His other hand smoothed down her back, over her butt, guiding her even closer to him. The closer contact brought the ridge of his erection against her. She moved slightly, rubbing against it.
He growled into her mouth, then pulled her shirt free of her waistband. She dropped her hands to his, stilling them from working at her buttons. "This is a good shirt. I don't want it torn, and the buttons are decorative." She didn't give a damn about the shirt. What she wanted was to tease him a little.
He drew back, watching as she lifted the hem with shaking hands. When the shirt slid to the floor he drew his breath in a rush. Meeting his eyes, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra and let it fall. It wasn't like he'd never seen her naked, never made love to her, never licked every inch of her skin. That didn't stop her from trembling from nervous anticipation. Everything felt new and special, like a momentous occasion.
Kiellen reached for her, settling his hands on her waist. His fingers burned against her skin. His hands weren't perfectly steady as he unbuttoned her pants and shoved them down over her hips. He stepped back to look at her, his gaze devouring her body.
Jaden grasped his belt and pulled him closer. Her hands still trembled as she looked up, meeting his gaze, and unbuckled the belt, then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Dragging a breath in, she pushed pants and underwear down. She stepped forward the six inches necessary to bring her into the slightest contact with his body. Her breasts swelled at the sensation of his hot skin brushing them.
Another breath and his arms crushed her to him. The volcanic intensity of his arousal scorched her belly. Jaden let her arms creep upward and around his shoulders. His scent, always more intense and tantalizing with arousal, was different, in some unexplainable way. Jaden was absolutely certain that new quality was addictive, that having taken it into her lungs, she would be unable to live without it. 
Kiellen bent and scooped her into his arms. He took a step and promptly tumbled over with her. They crashed to the floor in a crumpled heap.
Kiellen straightened himself and began running his hands over her, searching for injuries. "Are you okay?"
Jaden fought to control her breathing and found it impossible. Tears streamed from her eyes as she struggled to keep from laughing aloud.
"Damn it! Where are you hurt, baby?" Desperation tinged his voice.
She gave in and shrieked with laughter. "I can't believe you dropped me!"
Relief settled over Kiellen's features and he collapsed beside her. His shoulders shook with laughter. "I forgot I still had my boots on. Got tangled in my jeans." He pulled the offending boots and jeans off and discarded them to the side.
As she watched him relax and laugh at himself, Jaden's own laughter subsided. Seeing him comfortable and at ease with the world cranked her desire for him up another notch.
He caught her staring and abruptly stopped laughing. He rose onto his knees and leaned toward her, bearing her gently to the floor. His mouth descended on hers, powerful, devouring, consuming. He stretched out atop her and she shifted so that her body cradled his.

Author bio:
Kenra Daniels lives in a tiny rural community in north eastern Kentucky with her very own Romance Novel Hero/husband. Kenra writes Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance and has plans for Historical Romance, Urban Fantasy, and a few other things. She has a completely new paranormal being in development and will soon start those stories. With multiple other projects in the works, time and energy are her only limits.

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