Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review: Bodyguards by Kallysten

Title: Bodyguards
Author: Kallysten
Source: Review Request
Genre: Paranormal
Length: 344 pages 
Reviewed by: Emi

On the verge of her twentieth birthday, Vivien’s worries are those of a typical young woman: doing well in college, gaining more independence, and maybe managing to show Brad, her classmate and sometimes jogging partner, that she wouldn’t mind taking their burgeoning relationship to a different level.

Everything changes in the blink of an eye. Vivien stumbles into a knife fight, watches a man die in front of her, and soon listens, stunned, as Brad and his brother Aedan tell her a story of magic, vampires and a murderous ruler intent on killing a princess in hiding – a tale in which she is the princess and heir to a realm she didn’t know existed.Vivien’s first instinct is to refuse to believe this incredible tale, even if it comes from a man she is attracted to. But when her self-proclaimed bodyguards use magic to take her to a different world, the edges of reality start blurring and Vivien has to figure who she truly is.

So the one thing that sucks about this book, is the wait for the next novel! I thought this book was great! It took me no time at all to read it! Without giving away too much: Vivien's life as she knows it changes drastically, and the only family member she has ever known is in trouble. She's introduced to a whole new world and has to fight for what is rightfully hers. It was a awesome book and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series. Here is a link where you can find her book, enjoy! 

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