Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review Love's Bright Star by Virginnia de Parté

Title: Love's Bright Star
Author: Virginnia de Parte
Source: Author Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Reviewed by: MsPink

A romance fraught with heart stopping moments, and time stopping episodes.

Siobhan, a professional photographer with cat genes, is rescued from a night club attack by James, a University Lecturer, who can stop time.

Set in the future these two genetically altered people fall in love. Against James’ wishes Siobhan becomes pregnant and their relationship crumbles.

During a scan the baby disappears from the screen, alerting the Defense Department of the child’s possible talents. James and Siobhan, interviewed separately, convince the Defense Agents their relationship is over, but can Siobhan forgive James his continued absence, broken only when he stops time to talk to her at a city Mall?

Determined to rear her child, Siobhan and her friend Anna prepare for the birth.

Can James return in time to save the child, Stella, from her own talents, which will put Siobhan and he, and their future together in jeopardy?

This was a short and sweet little love story.  So short in fact, that the synopsis pretty much covered it all.  I actually think this is a really clever idea for a paranormal series.  The races of genetically altered people of different species of course, is not new but there are some unique differences here that were interesting.   It’s a bit like the x-men world in that people with these abilities and genetic make-ups are sought out by a government agency.  So they have to be careful not to let their abilities and traits show.  They don’t want to be taken and experimented on.
Siobhan is cat-gene and James has the ability to stop time.  Basically they meet in the middle of a chaotic situation but managed to be attracted to each other and began a relationship.  The short length of the book just fast tracked their relationship and didn’t really even have any love scenes.  It was briefly skimmed over but  you knew it was happening.  Their time together is cut short because James is angry that she let herself get pregnant.  Her cat genes caused her to go in to a heat-like needy state that made her think a little bit irrationally and her instincts caused her to be irresponsible one time when they were together.  She regretted doing it but she couldn’t help it and she couldn’t change it.  She loved James and wanted to have his child.  He felt betrayed and they broke up. 
It seemed like she moved on with her life pretty easily.  And perhaps it wasn’t but everything was so rushed that you really don’t have a lot of time to experience the emotions along with them.  Eventually they connect again and there are elements in play regarding the Defence Agency looking for them because they found out about the pregnancy.  In the end they have a beautiful daughter and work things out and move to a place that is safe for them to settle down in. 
All in all, a very sweet story.  Definitely not erotic… or even steamy.  But cute and should really be written as a full length novel because it’s a cool idea for a paranormal series about these types of characters.  It was just tough to connect with them in such a short time.  Hopefully there will be more to come!....

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