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Author Interview and ARC Giveaway with Alexa Egan

Ebook  prequel available
Full length novel available Dec 26 2012

Please welcome Alexa Egan, author of the new shape-shifter  paranormal romance series;  
The Imnada Brotherhood!

Would you tell us a little about yourself ?

I’m a slightly frazzled forty-something with a wonderful supportive husband, three children who still require way too much of my time, and a cat named Olive. We live in a rambling old house that exists in a perpetual state of renovation. And when I’m not writing, I can be found curled up with the family watching movies or curled up in a chair reading a book.

When you're writing do you listen to music? If so, what are some of your favorite artists/albums/songs to write to?

It depends on the day and my mood, but usually my soundtrack is a Pandora Quickmix of Howard Shore inspired movie soundtracks. I tend to stay away from anything with lyrics because I find myself singing along instead of working.

Do you have any hobbies outside of writing?

Writing was my hobby for so long before I was published that I never had time or energy left for any other creative outlet, so I’m singularly boring in that regard.

How long have you wanted to write professionally?

It was always a dream in the back of my head, but not something I actually thought of seriously until about ten years ago when I finally began pursuing publication. I’m still amazed I get to do what I love the most and people pay me for it. It’s a rare gift that I don’t take lightly.

Do you have a process in you writing routine?

I sit down at the computer in the morning as soon as the kids are whisked out the door to school, break for lunch with my husband, and then back to it until I have to leave to retrieve kids again around four. Weekends are for family unless I’m crunched by deadlines.
As for the actual writing, I’m seat of the pants all the way. I tend to start with a very general premise and work from there. It’s a slow painful process, involving much whining and Advil, but somehow it works.

Which of your characters do you relate to the most?

Every character contains a small part of my personality, or should I say they contain my personality as I wish it to be. In reality, they are all more courageous, compassionate, practical, understanding, stronger, intelligent, honorable, than I am…plus far better looking. And for some reason, they are all morning people. I am SO not a morning person.

What are some of your favorite authors and some of your favorite books?

How long do you have? :) Seriously, my list of favorite authors goes on for a very long time and includes all sorts of genres. To give you an idea, on my nightstand right now is an Austen spin-off called The Bad Miss Bennett, the latest installment in Lois McMaster Bujold’s sci-fi Vorkosigan saga, Deborah Harkness’s A Discovery Of Witches, the fourth in regency-mystery author C.S. Harris’s St. Cyr series, and Eloisa James’ The Ugly Duchess.

In Demon’s Curse the Imnada are different types of shape shifters. Is there a story behind each clan’s animal?

The world of the Imnada is still very much a work in progress. While the broad features have been filled in, there are still plenty of secrets left unexplored which gives me lots of scope to draw new plots and new scenarios. I will say that I tried to choose animals that are present now or would have existed in Britain at some point in the past since, upon arriving on this world, the Imnada would have sought to shift to familiar animals they saw around them. (wolf, lynx, eagle, etc…) Only with Mac’s aspect of a black panther did I take a leap of imaginary license and that was after reading an article about mysterious sightings of black panthers in the British Isles. My very first thought…these are shapechangers, of course!
*Photo courtesy Big Cat Monitors via The Telegraph
For the full scoop on big cats in Britain here is their round up of sightings!

Will Mac and Bianca still play a part in upcoming additions to the Brotherhood of the Imnada series?

Mac and Bianca put in a cameo appearance in the second book, Shadow’s Curse but as I’m a seat of the pants writer, I can never say with any certainty who will show up or what will happen before I’ve written the book, so no idea whether they get to return in book #3.

With so many possibilities in the Imnada world how many books do you have planned for the series?

Right now, Pocket has three novels and three novellas planned. But you’re right. The possibilities are endless and I already have characters clamoring for books of their own. So, if the stars align and the fates allow, I’ll be able to keep playing in this world for a long time and many stories to come.

Thanks so much for inviting me to chat today. I had a blast and hope your readers did too.

To celebrate my visit, I’m giving away an ARC of DEMON’S CURSE to one lucky reader! 
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