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Interview with romance author Deborah Court

Please welcome romance author Deborah Court! 

Laurie: Hello Deborah, I’m happy to be able to do this interview with you. Would you mind telling us a bit about yourself?

Deborah: Thank you for inviting me to your blog again, Laurie! I write Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, and YA Mystery. I've also been working as a translator, editor and published author over the last years. At some point I decided to write my own stories. It's what I've always wanted to do. Apart from that, I am a pharmacist, and a mother of two children, aged 6 and 7, whom I like to call "Lil' Devil" and "Lil Plague".  I currently live in Germany.

Laurie: I know you’re coming to the Indie Romance Convention next October 2013. Will this be your first time attending a convention?

Deborah: Heck, yes! I am so excited about this. First, it's my first convention as an attending author, and second, I feel it's a big thing to be a part of this. The Indie community has been growing rapidly over the last years, and I can't wait to meet some of my readers.

Laurie: What are you looking forward to doing at the convention?

Deborah: Most of all, talking to my readers. I'm also looking forward to meeting you, of course, and all my fellow authors and bloggers who will be attending, too. It's such a great opportunity.

Laurie: I hear you write about elves. Why in the world would you write about short dudes with pointy ears that work for the fat guy in the red suit? We want to read about hunks, not short elves.

Deborah: It's not all about the size, sweetie! *LOL* (Or is it?) Well, the types of elves I write about are the tall, muscular and handsome ones. Think Legolas, but much darker, sexual and dangerous. The kind of elf who's so passionate that a human woman might die of pleasure in his bed. Actually, I was inspired to write a romance with an elf as the hero after watching "Hellboy 2 - The Golden Army". I loved the movie's tragic villain - Prince Nuada, played by Luke Goss. I started to write this book as fan fiction but soon felt that it developed in another direction, so I turned it into a fantasy romance.

Laurie: I remember that movie. It’s amazing what writers can do with the inspiration they receive. I’m just glad you went the fantasy romance way, so romance readers like me could enjoy it. Now, back to the elves, think you for jogged my memory because I remember reading about an elven named Elathan, a few months back. You have to excuse me it must be the holiday season for me to think he was a short guy because he by all means no short man.  Anyhow, now that I know Elathan is one of yours would you mind telling us more about him? 

Deborah: Elathan is mine for sure! *LOL*  He is an elven prince, heir to the throne of Fearann (which is the realm of the Fae in my books). I chose this name for my hero because the mythical character Elathan was quoted as "the beautiful Miltonic prince of darkness with golden hair". Since he was wrongly accused of raising an army against his father, the king, he is forced to leave his kingdom. He has been living in the human world for centuries, hidden in underground caves. He's a sinister character, reckless and ready to do anything to defend his people. At the same time, he's fiercely loyal and courageous, and he has a soft side he doesn't show. That is, until he meets that very special human woman, Igraine.

Laurie: *snickers * No, he doesn’t show that soft side, but you can tell it’s there as you're reading. In a few words, would you tell everyone the relationship between Igraine and Elathan?

Deborah: I don't want to describe it too much because I'd spoil the book, but I'd say that, despite their differences, they are both characters that are fiercely loyal, courageous and ready to sacrifice anything for those they love. Of course, it's physical attraction what draws them to each other at first, but this soon turns into something deeper, a desperate need to complement each other.

Laurie: Not only did you write this book with erotic romance but you also added hard core action in the story too. Was it difficult swapping between the two? Or at least trying to find that right pace where one didn’t take over take the other?

Deborah: I didn't really plan the plot. I just had some general ideas for Elathan and Igraine's love story and also drew some kind of fantasy map (like in the LOTR books), with all the locations I wanted them to travel to. Then, I just followed where my characters led me. In the end, it's a matter of taste - some readers might like many erotic scenes, others just the action. I hope that I've succeeded in covering the right amount of both. Swapping isn't always easy for me. It depends on my mood. The action scenes are much harder to write though.

Laurie: I thought you did a good job with adding the right about of both.
Laurie: Now that Elathan and Igraine found each other, Calatin still needs someone. Do you have someone special in mind? If so, could you please give us a special insider about her? I understand if it’s not a lot, but I know some people are really looking forward to his story.

Deborah: Well, if I could, I'd take Calatin for myself (I kind of fell in love with him while writing Bound to the Prince)! But since he's the protagonist of Bound by Magic, I had to find a fitting heroine for him. Her name is Adrienne, a human woman who hides in a rural English village. Hunted by hired killers, she just lives from day to day, knowing it's just a matter of time until they find her. During a thunderstorm she finds a naked, unconscious man in her back garden. Naturally, she has no idea that he might be a cursed elven sorcerer who has been thrown into her world against his will …
Laurie: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Deborah: Dear readers, I hope you'll have a very merry holiday season and a happy new year. Thank you for all your feedback and appreciation. Knowing that there are people out there who enjoy my stories and get immersed in worlds I created means everything to me. Looking forward to meeting you at the convention!

 I am an author, translator and passionate book lover. I write romance, fantasy, paranormals and mystery.

Deborah Court lives in a picturesque European small town. A health professional by day, at night she loves to write romances about elven warriors of deadly beauty, capable of making a woman die from sheer pleasure - or stories to awaken the deepest, most secret fantasies of her readers.

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