Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Dark Embrace by Brenda Joyce

Title: Dark Embrace
Author: Brenda Joyce
Source: Self Purchased
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Release Date: September 17, 2012
Reviewer: Jasmyn

Aidan, the Wolf of Awe, has abandoned the Brotherhood and forsaken his vows.  Feared by all and trusted by none, he hunts alone, seeking vengeance against the evil that destroyed his son.  He has not saved an Innocent in sixty-six years - until he hears Brianna Rose's scream of terror across centuries, and leaps to modern-day Manhattan to rescue her...

Brie is a gifted empath who spends her time fighting evil from the safety of her laptop - and fantasizing about the medieval Highlander she met just once.  Still, her life is pretty ordinary - until she awakens one night consumed with Aidan's pain and rage.  When Aidan suddenly  appears and takes her hostage, Brie cannot believe how dark and dangerous he has become.  She knows she should be afraid, but instead, she will fight across time for his redemption...and his love.

I was super excited to read about the Wolf of Awe - from his brief appearances in the first two books he really drew me in.  Unfortunately, he left me a little wanting, as did his leading lady, Brie.  Aiden has changed a lot since book two of the Masters of Time and is not quite the tormented soul - and feels the need to remind everyone of this quite often.  For a super powerful half-demon magic wielding immortal, there were times he came off a bit whiny.  Thankfully he improved as the book went on and grew to become the awesome character I'd hoped for.

Brie was a little more fun at the beginning, but at times her blind devotion to Aiden grated on my nerves a bit.  It was fun to see her come out of her shell and become the person outside that she was inside.  I really enjoyed watching her psychic ability grow and can see her becoming quite powerful in future books.

Once again Brenda Joyce was able to pull me into her story and I didn't want her to let go.  When the book was done I was so sad to leave the Masters of Time until I could get my hands on the next book.  While her characters may not be my idea of perfect, they did fit the story well and helped to carry it along smoothly.  Dark Victory is up next in the series and I can't wait to read about another hunky highlander.


  1. I have the first 3 of these books on my Nook and still haven't gotten around to reading them :( One day!
    I wish authors would quit using the name Aiden (or any variation of the spelling) in their books. It creeps me out b/c that's my son's name. LOL.

  2. Aiden is vey popular in books these days. I think I've read three or four this month with that name as the leads.

    I just finished the next in the series....AMAZING....favorite so far.


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