Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review Destructive Embrace by Robyn M. Pierce

Title: Destructive Embrace (The Lanistter Chronicles, #2)
Author: Robyn M. Pierce
Source: Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Mystery
Length: Novel (approx 250 pgs)

The castle is shaken after the attempt by Tywin to take over Reid's life.

After all that happened, Elyssa wants nothing more than to run away from Lanistter Castle -- and away from Zeke as well. A spell makes her unable to go, however, and she learns that running away was never the best option; especially when she finds herself bound to the Lanistters in another way.

Dmitri has always been afraid of his oldest brother. With a Mate and a strong new friend, everything seems to be getting better. But his relationship begins to fall apart in the wake of tragedy, and he is left to try to find himself in all of the destruction.

Zeke has always made himself believe that what he has been doing has been for the good of his family and his world. After Tywin's scheme, though, he is left to wonder if he really has been helping his family; it seems more broken than ever. With a new eye for the world, Zeke finds a companion and tries to make amends.

The whole castle is recovering from the after-effects of Tywin's plot. As they begin to think that everything is going to be okay, they notice things that make them suspect that Tywin may not be gone after all...


Talk about a love triangle! Or Maybe it would be a love square? I'm not sure ;)  What I am sure of is that Ms. Pierce brought her game face and wrote a different kind of PNR that dug in and made itself a permanent home in my mind.

When I read the first in the Lanistter Chronicles I knew that these weren't the sparkly, happy vamps from other novels. These vamps are unrepentantly dark and seductive. In Destructive Embrace you get a better feel for what goes on in the minds of these vamps. (It can be a scary place!)

Traditionalist romance readers may be a bit put off by the actions of some of the characters, but this isn't a traditional romance! Each chapter is broken down into the first person point of view of the different characters. You get an inside look at what these people are thinking and feeling. It can seem a bit schizophrenic at times, but I have to admit it was awesome.

If you're looking for something different with a dark twist check out Destructive Embrace. 

*I HIGHLY suggest reading the first in the series before picking this one up. You will be lost without the entire back story. (Book one - Darkest Embrace is available on amazon in ebook and print)

-Disclaimer : There are some scenes of violence and torture (Hey, I said it was a dark one!)

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