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About Us

Bitten by Romance is formerly known as Bitten by Paranormal Romance. We are now a hobby blog that will only promote authors and other hobbies that we love.

Jasmyn and I are the only ones running the blog at this time. We promote authors we love so you the follower can be assured of what we promote. This is a hobby blog for us so you might find some other odds and ends here as well.

You can read more about the retried staff by clicking here

How can we contribute to your site?
 By commenting and/or helping spread the word about our site to your friends. Also by joining our Facebook page, Twitter, and Goodreads pages. 

Giveaway rules:
Unless otherwise stated, all giveaways are open to all, so no need to follow. Unless otherwise stated all giveaways are Ecopies. There are times we do require you to follow us by some means to enter a giveaway. We are not responsible for anything lost in the mail or for any publisher and/or author not sending out your prize(s).

Below you will find both our old rating from Bitten by Paranormal Romance and our new ratings. You can find our new ratings on the sidebar. 

We have a rating system for the story content and sexual content in the books.

Story Content ratings:

Old system

An alpha howl- Don’t even think about taking my book, or I’ll send out our She-wolf leader to give you nightmares for months over it. It’s a keeper!
A pack howl- I will send out the wolf pack to take you down, if you take this book away because I might read it again.
One good howl- This one is tricky. The book has several issues, yet it still has something to howl about and even if it we didn’t like it so much, others may.
A small howl- Eh, we could put it down and forget about it.
Nothing to howl about- The whole wolf pack buried the book, so it will never be found again.

Sexual Content ratings:

Old System 

This is an adult book blog, so odds are every book will have sex in it. This is the best way to rate them.
Flirt- At least one sex scene. Please do take in consideration if the reviewer didn’t care for the book the sexual connection could be really bad, but this will be stated by the reviewer in the review.
Steamy- A few sex scenes
Hot- Sex, oral sex and maybe mention of anal play. This is where you find most of your paranormal romance books
Four Alarm Fire- Taboo sex such as GBLT, BDSM, Ménage and/or anal sex.  Most erotic romance books will fit this rating. Also if the book is just full of sex we will sometimes label them here because we do take in consideration some people don’t like chapters and chapters of sex, the reviewer will make this statement in the review. 

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  1. I need a new button to put on my website to replace the old one. I love the look of the new site! Congratulations!!


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