Sunday, January 6, 2013

Authors corner

Requests are currently closed as we look to build our team numbers.

Promote Your Book
We have several different ways to showcase your story and your characters.  You do not need to have been previously reviewed or featured to participate in these promotions.  Click on the links below for more information and to turn in your submission.

Cover Reveals (new releases only - information needs to be received at least a week before release date)
Cover Inspirations (older releases or re-releases)
Guest Posts and Interviews
We love to learn more about our authors.  If you would like to be featured in a guest post or interview please send us an email at bittenbyromance[at]gmail[dot]com and let us know. We reserve the right to stop working with any author that does not show professionalism and general courtesy.

Blog Features Written by Laurie and Jasmyn
We have several unique features that we write for the blog.  If you are interested in having us look at a specific topic or have other interesting input, please email us at bittenbyromance[at]gmail[dot]com.  Please include the feature in your title.

What type of books do we review?
The reviewers at Bitten by Romance review romance.  You MUST have a happily ever after or happy for now to call your book a romance.  If you are unsure if your book qualifies as a romance, see our post on genres by clicking HERE.

We generally do not review outside of the romance genre.  You may occasionally see a non-romance review from an author we have previously read if that author also writes romance.

This is an adult site - we do not review young adult or teen romance.  We do review new adult.

We are accepting authors for review requests.
Please see our review request guidelines before submitting a request

Are your reviewers editors?
No, each of us here has a passion for reading and sharing that love of reading, but we are not editors. Some of us here do have more education or experience in editing then others, but basically we are just readers.  I’m saying this because you will find some things not grammatically correct here on the blog. I have had some authors fuss about this to others. I will be straightforward with you. If you have a problem with us not being editors and not having our posts grammatically correct then go find another blog. We try out best to make our reviews look professional and we each try to conduct ourselves in a professional manner, but I will get to the point here. We are all doing this for free and we don’t need to be criticized for grammatical issues. Our followers never complain, therefore, I feel you, the author, shouldn't either. Since this blog has been around for so long and has established a rapport with many authors, negative comments that are said around the loop get right back to me. So please keep this in mind when you send us a request, because once word gets back to me that an author has been trashing myself or one of my reviewers about grammatical issues, that author's request will go right into the trash box.

Labeling system:
We are now using a labeling system for our reviews. Each review is labeled with the author's name, the reviewer's name, the rating, the sexual rating, the genre and key words that describe the main characters (i.e. vampires, angels, etc.). We use a sexual rating system because readers need to know the level of sex they are going to be reading. Some like them hot while others likes them on the mild side.