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Guest author Kristine Overbook

Thank you for the opportunity to share an excerpt of my paranormal romance Creatures of the Moon with you.

When detective Lydia Davis apprehends the serial killer she’s been tracking for months, she decides to relax with a camping trip. But after being attacked in the wild, she starts to change in a way that only Ryan Williams - a reporter who's far more than he seems - can understand.

Using his job to help him hunt for the feral killer, Ryan needs to help Lydia contain her budding urges through the first cycle of the full moon...or the curse will consume her soul. But how can he help her without revealing his own secret?

The following scene shows Lydia and Ryan just before an attempt to bait the serial killer they are chasing into the open:

          “Over the last three months, twenty-two bodies have been attributed to the Butcher,” she called to Ryan through the bathroom door. “Fifteen of those were hookers or college girls cruising the bar scene. The other seven were homeless men. We set Jacobs up as a homeless man in the park.” She paused to apply lipstick.

          “And we know how that turned out,” came Ryan’s reply.

          Before they had left the diner, they reviewed strategy and layout of the team on rooftops and as other bar hoppers. After lunch, she shopped for an appropriate outfit. Ryan escorted her into the shops, and apparently enjoyed choosing the skimpiest outfits he could find. With a grin, he had repeatedly asked her to model them. She finally selected something appropriate without his help and headed to the checkout, laughing when he groaned with disappointment.

          Once in the apartment, she showered and dressed. All components were black, even the thong she slid into. The black skirt hung two inches below the curve of her rear. A bustier gave her breasts a lift and exposed luscious cleavage, and ended across her midriff showing off her tight abs.

          Makeup and hair presented no problem. She leaned over the sink and gave herself a shake to make sure the girls didn’t fall out of their holster. Black knee-high boots completed the look. She had only finishing touches left.

          Earrings, cheap and sparkly. Bangle bracelets, cheap, and according to the women in the store, back in style. Finally, a knife in a boot sheath, and a gun in a small handbag. The handbag contained only the gun, making it easy to reach if — no, when — the Butcher attacked.

          “All right.” She exited the bathroom. “Let’s go.”

          Ryan, who insisted on escorting her, stood ready at the picture window and gazed out over the nightlife of the street.

          He looked amazing dressed in a dark blue T-shirt, jeans, and brown boots. Simple enough, but the body they encased made all the difference. Hard muscle rippled under his shirt as he turned.

          Oh, God. She didn’t realize she panted until she tried to lick her lips and found her mouth dry.

          “Nice outfit.” He motioned for her to pivot, and in the rotation, she gained some composure. That was, until she faced him again.

          Only inches from him, she could smell his cologne. Oh, my God. She raised her hands to his chest in an attempt to keep a distance between them. Under her fingertips, his upper body rippled as he reached for her, his hands slipping around the bare skin at her waist, then over the leather covering her ass, and pulled her to him.

          “Oh, damn.” She surrendered and circled her arms around his neck, pulling his mouth to hers.

          Intoxicated by the scent and taste of him, she executed a spin and pressed him against the living room wall. She ground her body against his, pulling at his shirt so she could rub her hands across his bare chest. Hair tickled her fingertips and she traced a trail to the lip of his jeans and fumbled with his belt.

          His hand caressed her body, across the mounds of her breasts, down her flat stomach and to her thigh. She moaned as moisture built between her legs.

          Her sight clouded as his finger slipped easily past the thong and into her folds. His other hand scooped a breast from the bustier and his head lowered to the tip. His tongue flicked lightly over the nipple. It hardened. Tilting her head back, another moan escaped.

          A knock sounded at the door.

          Finally, she got his belt undone and rubbed a hand on the prominent bulge in his jeans before moving to free it.

          The knock sounded again. Louder. “Hey! Aren’t you ready yet?” Adams called through the door.

          They broke apart, reluctantly. Growls of frustration rumbled in both their throats.

          Ryan regained composure to yell, “In a minute.” The thudding on the door silenced, and Ryan gripped her by the arms. In a voice thick with need, he said, “To be continued.”

          When he released her, she stood for a moment, stunned. He’d not handled her that way before. She liked it. Then she stepped into the bathroom to straighten her clothes.

          Though hard to shake the arousal, she left the bathroom with a clear head. All cop.


Creatures of the Moon is now available in eBook wherever eBooks are sold, or paperback on Amazon.


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