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Review Human and Freakn' by Eve Langlais

Title: Human and Freakn' (Freakn' Shifters #4) 
 Author: Eve Langlais 
Source: Author request
Genre: Erotic paranormal romance- shifter with M/F/M
Length: Novel
Reviewed by: Laurie 

Trekking through the jungle isn’t Ruth’s idea of a good time, even if her companions are hotter than hell. With her sister missing, though, she’ll do anything to find her – slog through swamps, squish giant centipedes, and fight her attraction to not one but two males intent on seduction. But when she discovers there’s more to the hunks accompanying her than meets the eye, will she accept their alter wolf egos, or completely freak?
Fate sure has a wicked sense of humor, trying to make Kendrick think the chubby human he meets in the jungle is his mate. Joke’s on him, though, because despite his preferences and attempts to stay away, he can’t help but fall for the tall and curvy Ruth. Harder to swallow, his buddy is falling for her too.
Joel knows firsthand how fickle human emotions are, but when he meets Ruth, all his best intentions get swallowed by the jungle as she worms her way into his heart – and makes him want to trust.
When Ruth’s human morals get in the way of two wolves and their need to claim what’s theirs, they’ll have to team up and show her two are so much more pleasurable than one.
Warning: Can you handle a pair of hot wolves determined to claim an unsuspecting human? Expect extreme heat and a whole lot of fun in this threesome, jungle adventure. (MFM)

Eve delivers another action pack hot read that will leave you wanting more. I myself loved the story and characters. If you read Jungle Freakn’ Bride, then you have to go on and read Human and Freakn’ too because this story takes you deeper into the story of the Moon Ghost tribe. I really enjoyed it and hope Eve will take us back to the Jungle one day.

Ruth is a plus size botanist. She has had some issues in the past with her size and men, so she has a hard time thinking that these men would want to keep her. I can see this becoming annoying to some, but for me it just made the character more real. Size isn’t the only thing that bothers Ruth, it’s the fact they are wolf shifters so it takes her a bit of time to warm up to everything. Kendrick is a bit of a pain, but he is very loving when he isn’t showing his tough side. Joel has a good reason not wanting his mate to be human, so when he learns Ruth is their mate it takes him a bit to warm up to the idea. Once these two decide Ruth is theirs, they will stop at nothing to win her even if they have to pawn themselves off as the Moon Ghost’s to win her.

As always Eve delivers a hot M/F/M ménage with anal sex. I always look forward to her sexy ménage stories because not only are they hot, Eve also adds just the right amount of sex without going over or under board with it.

 I recommend this to anyone who loves erotic paranormal romance. 


  1. Human and Freakn' is everything we have come to love from an Eve Langlais story. Another literary treat! Perfect amount of amazing story telling and an amazing amount of pure steaminess!

  2. Gah I love a good menage story but man they can really be hard to find. Eve's been on my list of authors to check out for way too long now. How do these work as stand alones?


  3. Anna- Most of Eve's book do not need to be read in order but I would strongly recommend you reading the one before this one Jungle Freakn' Bride because you just get a better picture of the sisters. I totally forgot to add this in my review, sorry.

    Ann- your totally right!


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