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Review of: INFINITE SURRENDER by Gayle Donnelly and Robyn MacKenzie

INFINITE SURRENDER, Blood Feud Series #2
Authors:  Gayle Donnelly and Robyn MacKenzie      
Source:  Ebook provided by Publisher for an honest review
Genre:    Erotic Paranormal Romance
Length:  Ebook novel
Reviewed by:  Artemis               

Book two in the Blood Feud series.

Shape-shifting Coteri warrior Talon is mad with jealousy at the thought of Chloe, the woman he loves, being with other men. After a sizzling encounter, Talon is stunned to realize she’s only his—has only ever been his. But his family line is tainted and he knows he isn’t good enough for the torturously tempting redhead.

Spurned by the best friend she betrayed and rejected by the man she wants so badly it hurts, Chloe leaves her home with the Coteri to investigate a series of brutal murders that could have sinister implications for them all.

When he learns there’s a traitor in their ranks and Chloe could be in danger, Talon will move heaven and earth to make sure she’s safe—and to make her his, body and soul.

A Romantica® erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave.



I was surprised to see this novel classified as an erotic paranormal romance. Just in case you’re wondering, half way thru the book and still no sex (coitus) to speak of.  There’s more pacing (back and forth, back and forth) than sex in this book.  Even though the Coteri are shape shifters, there isn’t much emphasis on the PNR.  It has more of a light, romantic suspense feel with the characters having a few preternatural influences thrown in for good measure.  You’ll have no problem reading Book 2 of the Blood Feud Series, INFINITE SURRENDER, as it can be read as a standalone.   

The Coteri and Valta are sworn enemies – having a difference of opinion when it comes to the human race.  And well, now, Luca, is really pissed because of what happened in INFINITE BETRAYAL, and he put a bounty out on Talon.  To make matters worse, a traitor is lurking somewhere in the King’s Court.

Chloe was only following the King’s orders when she was in the states.  And what does she get for it when she returns home to Germany?  Heartache and heartbreak – from her best friend, Mina, and the man she has always loved, Talon.  She decides she doesn’t need this shit, she’s better off being “little warrior” – “New Chloe” and heads back to the states to her new assignment, a new beginning, a new team. The King decides Talon is the best warrior to find the traitor, even though Chloe is now threatened by Luca and it would be treason for Talon to leave.

I found the story to be entertaining even though at times the plot line was very thin.  Talon’s constant “I’m not good enough” issues grated on me:  Get over it already!  Chloe on the other hand is a ball of fire; as are her “warrior” teammates. The end of the story is too “easy” - it doesn’t sit right with me.  There are loose ends that feel like afterthoughts of what to do with the characters.

I’m not sure what’s next on the agenda for the Blood Feud series, but I sure would like to see more of Talon’s friend, Tre.  


  1. Don't know if this one is for me. I like a story that really has a lot going on and at least one sex scene before half way through a book if I am reading Erotic PNR especially.

  2. I read an erotic romance like this the other day. There was NOTHING until half way through, but after that they were going at it like bunnies every other page. Hey, I like a smexy good time as much as the next person, but let's space it out a little. LOL

  3. Ladies,

    There was one heavy petting scene, a heavy dream sequence or two, but nope, nothing until half-way. Which I thought was very unusual for erotic PNR. I guess it's the way the publisher classifies it.


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