Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review : Undisclosed Desire by M. Peters

Title: Undisclosed Desires
Author: M.Peters
Source: Author request
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Reviewed By: Cerridwen

In Seville, Spain, during the beginning of Spain's Golden Years, a visitor by the name of Keith D'Ameron arrives at the city. His midnight eyes are filled with secrets he has shared with almost no one — over the long course of his vampire's existence, he has never found anyone with whom he wishes to share them.

Until, that is, swords clash in a tree-lined square and he meets one Javier Estas, a young man whose flashing verdant eyes and fiery temper change the vampires life forever even as he steals Keith's heart for his own.

A word of warning before I begin, there is some domestic violence in this book. I say that because if there are those that are out there that this is an issue. I want you to be fair warned. It also goes along with the timeline so as bad as I hate to say it, history for women sucked.
I had a hard time getting into this book and staying with it. Javier is a mean hateful character. Even though he has his reasons, I just couldn't forgive and forget as a reader. His character grew as the storyline did but I must say he is not a character I like. Guess you could say I feel that Keith could do better.
The relationship between Keith and Javier is built at the beginning on stalking and manipulation. It grew into what I saw as a power struggle between lovers that was well orchestrated.
M.Peters has a beautiful way with description and creating an ambiance that makes the reader feel embraced by the book , but at times I felt like there was too much description and not enough dialog between characters.
Looking back, as I have edited this review a few times since I have finished the book, I think my feelings toward Javier may have tainted my first reactions.
I do look forward to seeing if Peters can grow as a writer and I feel that this is a fair piece of work for what seems to be her debut book. According to her website she is working on a sequel. I will be putting it on my TBR shelf just so I can see if Javier's attitude changes.

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