Saturday, February 23, 2013

Best 99 Cents Or Less You Will Spend Today - How To Have A Perfect Marriage

Title: How To Have A Perfect Marriage
Author: Dicey Grenor
Source: Author Furnished
Genre: Fictional Dark Humor
Length: Novel - 35 pgs
Reviewed by Douglas C. Meeks


Penola and Lennon have the perfect marriage because they follow twenty rules that ensure marital bliss. Controversial fiction author, Dicey Grenor, has released these rules so that couples everywhere can benefit from them. In case you’re wondering—DUH! - of course, it’s fiction…just like the “perfect” marriage.



Penola and Lennon are self absorbed and shallow, but that does not mean they can’t have a perfect marriage, courtesy of the many rules that Penola has gotten from her Mother (and a few she made up herself I think). The rules govern her every move to make her marriage “perfect” and Lennon better wake up and realize his wife is dedicated to her marriage to the point where she might need a new address where the walls are much softer and they don’t let you have shoestrings..

While a bit of a narcissist and just a wee bit insane IMHO Penola is working at that perfect marriage and nothing (make that NOTHING!) is going to stop her from giving it 100% even if Lennon is clueless about exactly how obsessed his dear wife is to that goal.

The chaos in this short story is great, the humor is dark and edgy but I enjoyed it completely. As a short story it gets a 4.5 for originality and dark humor. Might have been nice to have it longer but I think Dicey got the story told nicely in a compact form and by the time it is over you are really going to like Penola in spite of her wee break from sanity (you are gonna love it). I mean, a perfect marriage is worth doing anything …… isn’t it? This should be the best 99 cents you will spend (might be free) and the best 30-45 minutes of entertainment you will get today ....really .

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