Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Non-Paranormal Review: How Hard Can It Be by Robyn Peterman

Title: How Hard Can It Be
Author: Robyn Peterman
Source: NetGalley
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Length: Novel
Release Date: January 17, 2013
Reviewer: Jasmyn

What happens when an accountant decides to grab life by the horns and try something new?  Apparently a pirate named Dave, a lo of pastel fleece, and blackmail - just to start with...

Visualize and succeed, Oprah said.  I was sure as hell trying, even if my campaign to score a job as the local weather girl had ended in a restraining order.  Okay, TV was not my strength.  But a lack of talent has never stopped me before.  Which is why I've embarked on a writing career.  I mean, how hard can it be to come up with a sexy romance?

Leave it to me to wind up in group of grandmotherly porno writers who discuss sex toys and apple cobbler in the same breath.  Also leave it to me to leak an outlandish plot idea to a bestselling author with the morals of a rabid squirrel.  And only I could get arrested for a jewelry heist I didn't commit - by a hunky cop whose handcuffs just might tempt me to sign up for a life of crime.  Maybe I've found my calling after all...

The blurb for this book caught my eye and I just had to check it out (especially since I work in accounting and love romance) even though it's not paranormal.  I have to say that it was one of the most entertaining reads I've had in a very long time.  Rena is a spunky and fun young woman that gets the crazy idea to join a romance writing club and gets so much  more than she ever expected.  Surrounded by the most unique combination of characters I have ever seen, she initially feels quite out of place.  But then a famous best-selling romance author walks in the door, and her life is forever changed.

With her plot idea stolen, Rena and the writing group come up with a crazy idea to show that author just what's up and get back with her for a lifetime of wrongs.  Along the way we also get tossed a hunky cop that seems to enjoy Rena in handcuffs a little too much, and she doesn't mind at all.

Not a lot of hot and steamy sex scenes, but there are a few conversations about some sort of weird stuff (in my opinion), but being weird is why it was put there.  A fantastic read that is humorous, touching, and even a bit exciting, it was a perfect light-hearted read.

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