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Review BloodSworn by Stacey Brutger

Title: BloodSworn
Author: Stacey Brutger
Source: Author Request
Genre: PNR/UF Mystery/Thriller
Length: Novel (282 pgs)
Reviewed by Douglas C. Meeks
Release Date: February 1, 2013


Ten years after they bound her powers and banished her, Trina Weyebridge had successfully carved out a new existence in the human world. She put her life as a witch behind her. But, her magic would not be denied, the bindings holding them in check are weakening. Vampires who crave a taste of the powers stored in her blood are hunting her with deadly force and have kidnapped her sister to lure her out. In a desperate bid to free her sister and gain her own freedom, Trina bargains with the all-too-tempting lion shifter who calls out the long forgotten wild side in her...she would be his concubine in return for pack protection. She’d be safe…until they found out the truth.


When Merrick spots a female intruder living on his property, he’s intrigued by her daring. Curious to find out more, he follows her and comes to her aid when she falls prey to an attack. After weeks of unnatural silence, his beast awakens at her touch, and he suspects that she might be the only one able to save his race from a disease killing his kind. Not willing to take the chance of losing her, he binds her to him the only way he knows how…by claiming her as his own. All he has to do to save her is uncover the secrets of her past, stop a pack revolt, convince her that she’s desperately in love with him in return, and prevent a war.



NOTE: Any reviews you might see that mention formatting/grammar problems should be ignored since those have been corrected and the ebooks up for sale now have the new corrected version.


Trina thought she had found the perfect place to hide when she used a bit of magic to get her through all the guards on the property of Merrick. The fact that he could see her (when nobody else could) almost every time she came onto his property to hide in a large shed on his land should have told them something.

This story revolves around 2 main plots. The romance of Merrick trying to slowly convince Trina that she desired him as much as he desired her was a VERY frustratingly slow process but very entertaining, since they both felt a strong pull for each other but Trina was dedicated to another task, the somewhat urban fantasy plot of trying to recover her kidnapped sister back from the vampire king (the vampires in this story are far from being nice and sparkly).

The story is a great one of magic, passion, loyalty, mystery and then you throw in the evil bad guys (vampires and witches), and you now have all the trappings for a really good story. Oh and least we forget a few zombies show up, what a party –grin-

There are a lot more complexities to this story than I can tell here but it was entertaining, kept my interest and ended very nicely wrapped up. This is an easy 4 Star reading and maybe more depending on your mood.

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