Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: SUCCUBUS LOST by Tiffany Allee

(From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency #2)
Author:  Tiffany Allee          
Source:  Author requested review
Genre:  Urban Fantasy
Length: Novel
Reviewed by:  Artemis                

Someone is kidnapping and incinerating otherworlders beyond recognition, and detective Marisol Whitman, a succubus, races to find the murderer before he claims another victim. But her pursuit is derailed when her responsible younger sister vanishes. Marisol suspects foul play and enlists support from an unlikely source: an agent from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency, Valerio Costa.

When the trail pointing to everyone from vampires to witches dries up, Agent Costa admits to knowing more than he’s shared. Marisol’s sister’s kidnapper harnesses more magic than she can imagine—and they’re running out of time. To find her sister before her powers are drained and twisted beyond recognition, Marisol must connect the dots between cases and put her trust in Costa, a salamander who may burn her before she can solve either case.

Book 2 of the series has us back at the Chicago Police Department, but this time we’re hooking up with “Freak Squad” Detective Marisol Whitman, a succubus.  When her sister Elaine (also a succubus goes missing), Marisol gets stuck paired with Valerio Costa from the OWEA – Otherworlder Enforcement Agency (a FED and a salamander) to help with the investigation.  And wouldn’t you know it; the Fed has “issues” with succubi from his past experiences.

SUCCUBUS LOST can be read as a standalone; as there is slim to no references made to the previous novel.  You won’t find any hot, succubus sex here.  Nope, the sex scene only wets your appetite and leaves you wanting.  I found the story to be an appealing tale that reads like a classic B&W detective film – only this one is loaded with a cast of preternatural characters to give it an urban fantasy flare.


  1. Sounds like a nice light read. Sometimes you want a book that doesn't have a lot of hot sex and just leaves you wanting...

  2. It's a different type of read....that's for sure.


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