Monday, February 4, 2013

Review: Threads of Desire by Eleri Stone

Title: Threads of Desire
Author: Eleri Stone
Threads of DesireGenre: Fantasy
Length: 99 pages
Reviewed by: Twigs

Guild-trained weaver Ily is furious her rival Kal, a smug yet wickedly sexy rug merchant, outsells her at every turn. She knows her magically crafted rugs are far superior to anything he can produce, but can't compete with his charming personality.

When Kal fixes his lusty attentions on Ily, she is reluctantly aroused by his interest. She knows he desires her and against her better judgment, she wants him too. A chance encounter leads her to make him a scandalous offer: her body in exchange for enough money to leave the city. She sees their time together as a temporary erotic adventure…until Kal reveals that what he truly wants from Ily is more personal—and more dangerous—than bed play. And she must choose between taking her chance at a new life or risking it all for a man she never meant to love.

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It's been a while since I have read a good fantasy book. I loved Threads of Desire but there were some parts that left me wanting more and asking questions. It could of used a bit more back story to it, but overall I loved it. And that cover! WOW! Ily is determined to make it on her own and does not trust anyone. Kal comes off at first as cocky, arrogant, and just a wealthy jerk. When he shows Ily the real reasons he wants her help his attitude is understandable. Have I mentioned I love this cover? Haha!

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